Ontario EOI system

Ontario EOI system expanded to Master Graduate and PhD Graduate Streams 

There is a new way introduced to expand Ontario’s EOI system for Masters and PhD International student graduates. Ontario graduates having job offers can register now to get a provincial nomination. Candidates can apply for Ontario PNP through two more immigration programs. 

Ontario EOI System

There are two new streams, the Master Graduate and PhD Graduate streams are additional for Ontario’s new EOI system. There are three programs using the EOI system. There were three streams which include In-Demand Skills, Foreing Worker and International Student. 

Masters Graduate and PhD graduates can register for Ontario Immigration. Candidates are given points on the basis of education, work experience, ties to Ontario and many other factors. Ranking the candidates will help to choose the right people according to the needs of the Ontario labour market. Profiles stay valid for 12 months in Ontario’s EOI pool. 

Details of Ontario Immigrants

If anybody wants to apply for Ontario PNP they need to register an EOI profile. After the registration one can enter into a selection pool and then get selected for provincial nomination. EOI does not guarantee any invitation and stays valid till 12 months. Registration is free but if you are invited to apply one has to submit fees along with application. After receiving an invitation one has to meet all the eligibility requirements to get the provincial nomination. 

Canadian Immigration and Ontario EOI System.

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