Nomination assessment Global Talent Independent Program for highly skilled engineering professionals

Nomination is a basic requirement for Global Talent Independent applicants. It also includes nomination by an Australian organisation. Nomination candidates have to prove that they are highly skilled engineering professionals. 

Nomination by Engineers Australia 

The Department of Home Affairs identifies the list of priority sectors. Candidates are nominated by Engineers Australia who deal with the requirement along with the evidence of excellence. After the eligibility for GTI nomination assessment, to support nomination one can apply to Engineers Australia. 

Eligibility Criteria 

To be eligible under the Global Talent Visa Program one must:

  • Evidence of outstanding achievements along with the internationally recognised proof. 
  • Prominent in field of expertise. 
  • Provision of evidence as an asset to Australia in area of expertise. 
  • Established in a field that there is no difficulty in obtaining employment. 
  • Being in a recognised organisation in your field of global talent. 

There are also places for PhD students with international recognition and exceptional talent. 

To apply for Nomination

There are are three steps for the GTI nomination:

  • Eligibility for self-assessment.
  • Submission application.
  • Application assessment and nomination. 

Meet the criteria and requirement documentation, one has to apply for a nomination assessment. 

Needed documents

  1. Immigration assistance authorisation.
  2. Personal Information.
  3. Educational qualifications.
  4. Supporting evidence and achievement statement. 

Cost of GTI nomination assessment

There is an $810 fee for GTI nominations assessment. For overseas applicants for GST is $891 which is for applicants residing in Australia. Fees have to be submitted at the time of application. In case of unsuccessful application, fee is non-refundable. 

Details about the GTI Program

The Global Talent Independent GTI program is also called the Global Talent Visa Program. It is administered by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. It is a visa pathway for highly skilled professionals who want to work and live in Australia. This program is to attract the brightest and best global talent to help the Australian economy, innovation and technology. 

Australian Nomination for GTI.

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