New Zealand is open for international students.

New Zealand

New Zealand is open for  international students

New Zealand Government is working on the relief for international students. As the whole world is disturbed after the outbreak of COVID-19, people are uncertain about the future. The situation is worse due to the pandemic and still with no cure. International students along with millions of people are frustrated. 

Good News from New Zealand

New Zealand will welcome 250 postgraduate and PhD international students in November. It is recently introduced that the Government will allow these international students to enter the country. 

New Zealand Government is acting wisely

The Government of New Zealand is trying to welcome limited international students for the development and prosperity of the country. International students are always a source of boosting the economy of any country. People must have learned to survive with Coronavirus so apply social distancing policies. Precautionary steps by many countries all over the globe are affecting the economy badly along with the future of international students. 

How many countries are on pace to welcome international students and New Zealand is one of them. 

This new decision by the Government to welcome limited international students will help both the Government and students. 

Entry in New Zealand

Although at the first stage all international students are not allowed to enter the country, only those students who have the visa for 2020. International students who had a visa but could not enter the country due to the outbreak of a pandemic. Priority will be given to the international students who could not start online studies. They can never study online as practical study, research and practical assignments are needed. 

Although the majority of international students will arrive by 2021 the first batch is coming next month. 

Precautionary Measures for International Students

In this uncertain situation where the second wave of Corona is expected, the Government is keeping an eye on all the safety measures for public health. International students have to stay in quarantine for 14 days on arrival. Students have to pay the entire cost as the government isn’t going to pay anything for this. Government is giving international students a chance to enter the country on their own terms. Students have to make sure they will follow all rules and not put the health of residents of New Zealand at risk. 

Colleges and schools in New Zealand want the Government to open for International students to improve financial health. We as Immigration Consultants are hopeful that the Government of New Zealand will soon allow all international students to enter the country with safety and security. The Government has already permitted critical workers and health professionals to enter and now the partial entry of International students. 

Select New Zealand for International studies.

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