New Immigration Priorities In Manitoba, Canada

The Canadian government is working on immigration in Manitoba. There would be changes to favor skilled foreign workers with family connections. The new initiative by the Canadian government aims to grant residency to those with specific job skills, prioritizing applicants who have relatives in the province.

Details of the program

The Minister of Labor and Immigration announced the shift in the program. The New Democratic Party government is modifying the process for candidates interested in settling in Manitoba.

Critical points for residency

The focus is attracting talented foreign workers who meet Manitoba’s job demands. There would be a preference for those with family ties to the province. According to the official announcement, the decision will enhance the province’s ability to retain skilled personnel.

Immigration procedure

To immigrate through this program, interested individuals must declare their intention to move to Manitoba. The government then selects candidates, invites them to apply, and approves a set number to relocate to the province.

Non-random selection

The selection process is not random but is based on a scoring scale. Points are awarded for various factors, with the highest points given for having a job offer (500 points) or having close family ties in Manitoba (200 points).

Points system and draws

The higher the points a candidate accumulates, the more likely they will be invited to apply to the District’s Nominee Program. Draws may be conducted based on expressions of interest in specific fields, addressing the province’s unique needs.

Recent lottery draws

The recent lottery draws specifically focused on individuals with close family connections. This targeted approach aims to streamline the immigration process for those with relatives in Manitoba.

Manitoba Province

Manitoba, one of Canada’s prairie provinces, is the fifth most populous among the country’s ten provinces. As of the fourth quarter of 2023, Statistics Canada estimates the province’s population to be around 1.47 million.


The recent changes in Manitoba’s immigration program highlight the government’s commitment to attracting skilled workers focusing on family connections. This strategic approach is expected to benefit the province and the newcomers seeking residency in Canada.

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