My grandparents helped shape Australia. Migration will also be key to our future

My grandparents helped shape Australia. Migration will also be key to our future

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My grandparents helped in the success of Australia. Migration will also be key to our future said the Australian Researchers 


Since the first boatloads of convicts were brought to Australia against their will at the end of the 18th century, we’ve been a country of immigrants.

In the future, migration will play a decisive role in how our nation continues to grow and age. Without it, we’ll be economically much worse off.

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 Local migrant Story 

I put my story on an online front: three out of four of my grandparents arrived in Australia by the sea in the great post-war shift that brought migrants from mostly European countries, including the UK, Greece, and Italy.

Since then, migration has continued to shape our country, culturally and economically. And as the Australian birthrate continues its seemingly inexorable downward trend, migration will be vital for the country’s future.

Let’s leave aside the high-level arguments around how a growing population contributes to economic growth, and whether that is a good measure of success, but instead, look at some of the practicalities of either a growing or shrinking population.

Australia’s birth rate has been declining for about half a century. Today women have on average 1.5 babies, below the rate of 2.1 babies per woman, which is required for a generation to replace itself. So this data is Threatening Australia as its population is declining  steadily

That means Australians are getting older concerning the fact that  Youngsters are the Assets of a Country. According to the recently published 2022 Population Statement from the government’s Centre for Population, the Average age is expected to reach nearly 44 by the year  2060-61 if the Birth rate Continues to remain the same. Under that scenario, the fertility rate will gradually fall to 1.62 by 2030-31 and continue its downward graph.

By 2060-61, the government expects the population to reach 39.2 million. The report says that natural increase (that is, total births minus total deaths) means that the death rate is higher than the birth rate of Australia under the baseline fertility scenario would contribute to a quarter of expected population growth – the rest would be driven by overseas migration.

Isn’t it Threatening Australia?

Yes! Right, How can we put investment in a person that is near death, an Investment of money, Education, and Time is always invested in long-term Assets, Australia will invest in young people so that’s why Australia is demanding people from other Countries.

That scenario projects 23 % of the population to be aged 65 or over by 2060. As of 2023-24, nearly 18 % of Australia’s 25.7 million people were over 65.

But if you take migration out of the picture, we get a very different nation. Assuming the number of people moving to Australia equals the number of people leaving means that they are dying, Australia’s median age by 2060 will reach 46.6, and 28.7 percent of the population – nearly a third – would be aged over 65.

This would have profound effects on the cost of health, aged care, and age pensions.

The 2021 Intergenerational Report points out that population aging will reduce the number of people in the workforce, meaning fewer people paying income tax.

“This presents long-term economic and fiscal challenges, similar to those faced in most comparable countries,” the report noted.

Migration slows this aging effect down because migrants are typically younger. In many cases, they move to Australia to study and then stay on as skilled migrants.

According to the Grattan institute, skilled migrants “tend to be younger, higher-skilled, and earn higher incomes than the typical Australian”. They are also more likely to work full time, compared to the general Australian population, and are increasingly likely to be highly educated.

Those workers pay taxes in Australia, which helps fund our health and aged care services which are only becoming more expensive as the nation ages. They also spend money here, helping to keep the economy ticking, and other people in various jobs.

I’ve had plenty of correspondence in the past week from people who don’t like the idea of Australia taking in more migrants. Won’t that just add to our aging problem in the future? What about the amount of housing, or infrastructure including roads?

The government does need to ensure there is enough infrastructure to support our growing population, and the Intergenerational Report noted that migration was not a complete solution and should be well managed to keep Australia’s high living standards.

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But what happens if we don’t take in enough migrants? There are lessons here from the country with the oldest population – Japan. Their fertility rate is 1.33, according to the OECD, and their average age is 57 and growing towards  54.7 by 2052
 The public authority there fears a developing flood of business terminations as proprietors arrive at retirement age with nobody to supplant them notwithstanding sound profit, as featured in a New York Times article. Key organizations there could close, as even numerous laborers might assume control close to retirement themselves.

That is only one illustration of the dangers looked at by a maturing country.

After my grandparents showed up in Australia, they turned out to be separate cooks, train drivers, and school heads. Between them, they had five youngsters and over twelve grandkids, who have had occupations as fluctuated as specialists, veterinarians, specialists, social laborers, and yes; one columnist.

In their little manner, my grandparents came to Australia and made the most out of their new conditions and what this nation brings to the table. It’s kind of like them who will assist with molding what’s in store.

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