Let us recall the three biggest milestones in immigration that Canada has experienced in the current year 2022.

As Canada has faced Milestone a historic labor crisis in the years following the start of the COVID pandemic immigration has played a vital role in helping the country maintain and uplift its economy. Through a report published in October, it was determined that approximately 80% of the growth in Canada’s labor force between 2016 till 2021 is composed of immigrants. It is mostly thanks to the help of migrants that Canada was able to “mitigate the impacts of labor shortages in multiple sectors and regions from across the country.”

To further explain the value of immigration to Canada, it was noted in the 2021 census that over half of the Canadian immigrants between the years 2016 till 2021 which are approximately 748,120 were admitted into Canada as economic immigrants. The immigrants from this category are specially chosen based on their potential economic contributions to meet the needs of the labor market and these types of immigrants have played a key role in aiding Canada’s economic development.

Through this, it can be seen that immigrants have been and will continue to be an important asset to Canada.

The incidents mentioned below are three important milestones in the world of Canadian immigration that occurred in 2022.

First Milestone: Immigrants making up a record-high share of the overall Canadian population

The first milestone can be seen from the 2021 Canadian census that was released in October, the number of immigrants inside Canada accounts for a total of 8.3 million people which make up around 23% of Canada’s total population. This is a record-breaking percentage of immigrants in Canada which surpasses the previous record that was set in 1921 by 0.7% which is one of the biggest milestones seen in the department of immigration over the last 100 years.

Second Milestone: PNP set to surpass Express Entry as Canada’s top immigration pathway

The second milestone concerning immigration is the PNP becoming Canada’s top immigration pathway. Express Entry has always been Canadas most major immigration pathway for many years, but now it has been given an opportunity to become the top immigration pathway as the application management system that deals with immigration applications from three different pathways which are the (CEC) Canadian Experience Class, (FSWP) Federal Skilled Worker Program and the (FSTP) Federal Skilled Trade Program, which are all part of the Express Entry system, has now made way for (PNP) to become Canada’s top immigration pathway as it was stated in the data released on November 1st in Canada’s new Immigration Level Plan.

As it was explained by the CIC news in the previous month that the immigrant target of the PNPs far exceeds that of the Express Entry programs in 2022 and 2023 the difference is expected to increase with PNP welcoming 105,500 immigrants compared to Express Entry’s target of 82,880. Furthermore in 2024 as well Canada aims to target 980 more PNP immigrants than Express Entry immigrants. The same situation can be expected in 2025.

Third Milestone: Canada’s immigration target set for over half a million immigrants in 2025

The third and final major milestone that is to come from Canada’s new Immigration Level Plan is the record-breaking target of 500,000 total permanent resident admissions Canada aims to admit in 2025.

It was revealed through Canada’s new Immigration Level Plan that the IRCC aims to admit over half a million new permanent residents in 2025 so that the country can mostly recover from its poor immigration levels experienced during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and resolve the labor shortage issue.

Immigration milestones that Canada experienced in 2022

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