Australia’s New Migration Strategy

Australia’s New Migration Strategy

The Australian government has just made refinements to its migration system by releasing a new Migration Strategy. The Migration Strategy consists of nearly 100 pages and can be found here Migration Strategy. The 5 objectives of this marketing strategy as outlined by the Australian Government are:

  • Boosting productivity, addressing skill shortages, and assisting exports.
  • Preventing the exploitation of migrant workers and improving the working conditions and wages of all workers.
  • Giving immigrants better opportunities to live in Australia using permanent residence and citizenship
  • Improving our social and economic relationships with our international allies.
  • We are upgrading the migration system to be faster, and more efficient for workers and employers.

Australia has outlined 8 fundamental actions in its Migration Strategy:

  • Confronting skill needs and improving worker mobility by refining temporary skilled migration.
  • Adapting Permanent Skilled Migration to allow workers more long-term success.
  • Elevating the requirements for international students to strive towards a better quality of international education.
  • Taking measures against worker exploitation and improving the integrity of the visa system by introducing a new public register.
  • Changing the approach towards migration to upgrade population planning.
  • Prioritizing regional Australia and analyzing the regional migration settings.
  • Introducing a direct citizenship option for New Zealand’s citizens to strengthen our ties further.
  • Reducing and simplifying the migration system to improve experience and reduce errors.

A summarized form of the Migration Strategy provided by the Australian Government can be found here Summarized Migration Strategy.


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