Migration and Humanitarian Program 2020-21 is advised by the DHA

Migration and Humanitarian Program 2020-21 is advised by The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and the ceiling may be announced with the postponed 2020 Budget. According to different resources, it is assumed that 2019-20 migration was delivered around 20,000 which is quite below the margin of 160,000, but its data collected around while the Federal Government has not released reports on the 2019-20 Migration and Humanitarian Program.

Announcement of 2020-21 Migration and Humanitarian Program expected to include:

  • Maintain the current least target which is 160,000 for the Migration program and 18,750 for the humanitarian program.
  • Reduce the ceiling to a level matching the government’s actual planning level.
  • Reduce the ceiling but to a level to a great extent above the actual planning level.

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) released a token number for places in the skilled independent and family-sponsored categories on 14th July although it is expected that the Government will plan to issue very less offshore permanent resident visas in 2020-21 after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. It will also avoid putting pressure on the 4,000 caps per week on overseas arrivals. There may also be a limited number of offshore employer-sponsored visa spaces, which are mainly for health professionals according to the current situation.

Australian population growth rate in 2020-21 may be the slowest possibly closer to 0.5 percent. There are more lenient rules for the Government to issue onshore permanent residence visas but it will be conscious of the current high unemployment rate after the outbreak of COVID-19 and also depends on the policy which will be announced on the newly arrived migrant four-years wait for social security, which is currently suspended for not disclosed time. The government is also on the verge to use the closure of international borders to clear the backlog of onshore asylum seekers that has developed in a recent situation and to deal with that 2,000 to 3,000 places would be required in the Migration and Humanitarian Program for asylum seekers for approved applications.

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