Substantial increase in Australia’s immigrant intake

Migrant intake

Impact on future Australian workers

To all prospective immigrants, see the news about migrant intake and Australia’s increase in migration cap.

The Australian government has officially declared that it will be increasing its annual migrant intake by 35,000 places along with investing 36 million into handling long visa backlogs. This announcement was made during the second day of the government’s Jobs and Skills Summit in which it was discussed how migrant intake of workers could be a possible solution to the labor shortage being experienced by Australia due to the Covid Pandemic.

Prime minister Anthony Albanese has also promoted the idea of providing migrant intake workers the opportunity to become permanent residents or citizens as having workers with temporary visas in the workforce made it unreliable and the Minister of Home Affairs Clare O’Neil made a formal announcement regarding this. He also pledged to increase the migrant intake cap from 160,000 to 195,000.

After effects of the decision

This decision’s purpose is to change the markup of the workforce so that it is comprised of more permanent migrant intake workers than temporary ones, so the government will be providing ways for workers on temporary visas to stay longer or become permanent residents.

Moreover, the education minister Jason Clare has stated that students studying in industries with skill shortages will be allowed to stay in Australia for 2 more years after graduating which will allow them to work for a longer period. Temporary visa holders will also have fewer restrictions on them so they can also work longer.

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles has also provided $36 million for hiring labor and getting better resources to shorten the time needed for visa processing and somewhat decrease the 900,000 visa’s in the backlog. Currently, the timespan taken to process a temporary skilled visa for Australia has been reduced from 53 days to 42 days, and the average time for approving sponsorship of a business has decreased from 37 to 18 days.

Time of implementation

The increased cap in the migrant intake will occur immediately to make up for the 2022/23 financial year, while the investment increase for visa processing will be included in the October budget papers.

The previous month the federal government announced how many workers from different sectors such as chefs, nurses, and construction managers were in shorthand, so to deal with this issue the government has decided to put greater emphasis on giving permanent visas to migrant intake workers rather than evenly splitting them between workers and families.

In the following years, the government will prioritize skilled migration and mostly under the following occupations.

  • Civil engineering professionals

  • Registered nurses

  • Construction managers

  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) business and systems analysts

  • Veterinarians

  • Electrical engineers

  • Chefs

  • General Practitioners

  • software and applications programmers

Substantial increase in Australia's immigrant intake

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