Latest UK immigration rules for 2024

New Rules for Immigration in the UK

 Latest UK immigration rules for 2024, Recently, some significant changes happened in immigration rules by the UK government. It is all about the money you need to earn for numerous visas. These changes may help to control the number of people who want to live and work in the UK.

Skilled Workers Visas

  • Minimum Pay: To work in the UK, you need a job offer with at least a pay of £38,700 a year.
  • Points System: To obtain a UK visa, you must earn at least 70 points. Fifty points come from having a job offer, and 20 points come from having a high salary in a job that is in demand in the UK.
  • Exemptions: Some jobs, like teaching or healthcare, have their own pay rules. However, rules have been changed for care worker from another country, as they can’t bring their family with them anymore.

Visas for Family Members

  • Money Needed: Initially you need to earn at least £34,500 if you want to live with family in the UK for more than six months. Moreover, you need to earn £38,700 soon after.
  • Requirements: You must also prove you speak English well and have enough money.

Visas for Students

  • Bringing Family: If you’re a student and not doing research, you can’t bring your family to the UK anymore. But if you finish your degree and stay for a few years, you might be able to bring them then.

Changes in Visa Costs and Job List

  • Jobs in Demand: Some jobs are needed less now, so the list of jobs with shortages is getting shorter. And employers don’t have to pay foreign workers less than others anymore.
  • Fees: If you apply for a visa, you have to pay extra for healthcare, along with the standard fee of £1,035.

These updates are meant to make it easier to understand how to move to the UK with the latest UK immigration rules for 2024. It is important to understand these rules and for this purpose, you may seek help from Asif Consulting. Our experts will help you to navigate the process smoothly whether you want to work, study, or join a family in the UK.


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