No Express Entry Draw Leads to Higher CRS Score Cutoffs

Latest CRS score 2024.It looks like we’re going to finish another week without an Express Entry draw. May still has not seen any invitations.

Recent Express Entry Draws

The last Express Entry draw was on April 24, targeting French speakers with a cutoff score of 410. Another draw on April 23 had a general cutoff score of 529. Many were hoping the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score cutoff would drop from the all-time high of 549 seen earlier this month. However, with no draws so far in May, the next cutoff might be even higher.

Express Entry Draw Trends in 2024

So far in 2024, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has held 17 Express Entry draws, issuing a total of 35,970 invitations to apply (ITAs).


  • General draws: 9 draws, 14,445 invitations, average latest CRS score 2024 536, lowest 524, highest 549.
  • French speakers: 4 draws, 12,400 invitations, average latest CRS score 2024 375, lowest 336, highest 410.
  • Agriculture and Agri-food: 1 draw, 150 invitations, latest CRS score 2024 437.
  • Transport: 1 draw, 975 invitations, latest CRS score 2024 430.
  • STEM: 1 draw, 4,500 invitations, latest CRS score 2024 491.
  • Healthcare: 1 draw, 3,500 invitations, CRS score  422.
  • Trades: No draws yet.
  • Provincial Nominee Program: No draws yet.

Upcoming Draws

The next Express Entry draw is expected around May 28. It will likely start with a general draw followed by a draw for French speakers or trades. This year, we haven’t seen any trades-targeted draws yet, but they’re highly anticipated. Last year, there were two trade draws with CRS cutoffs of 388 and 425. This year, the trades draw cutoff is expected to be around 430+ because many candidates have strengthened their profiles.

For general draws, we might see the CRS cutoff reach 550+ unless IRCC changes its approach.

ITAs Issued by Month in 2024

  • January: 3,280
  • February: 16,110
  • March: 7,305
  • April: 9,275


If draws resume next week, it will be the only week in May to see invitations. We may see large draws to make up for the missed weeks, but if not, expect higher CRS cutoffs for all draws, including those for French-speaking candidates.

Why the Delay in Express Entry Draws?

There’s no confirmed reason for the delay, but it might be due to IRCC processing existing applications. Another reason could be that candidates have until May 27 to update their profiles to meet new proof of funds requirements.

When is the Next Express Entry Draw?

After skipping two biweekly draws, the next Express Entry draw is expected around May 28, 2024. Stay tuned to Asif Consulting for further information regarding Express Entry Draws.