Japan Visa Entries

Japan allows new visa entries from October

The Government of Japan announced that Japan will reopen its border restrictions from October. This will allow new visa entries from all areas other than tourists. It is aimed to control the spread of Coronavirus. 

Long term stays from Oct 1

Restrictions were implemented in April, and now Japan has decided to ease Entry Ban. Under recent travel control after the pandemic, 159 countries and territories are denied to travel. Foreign nationals are exempted for legal residency status. Some newcomers in emergencies are also exempted and some visa applicants who are needed by employers or their families are in Japan. New citizens with permission to remain longer than three months, will be protected by border protection measures. 

Visa entries will not include visitors, it will allow non-Japanese to travel to Japan. They can travel to Japan for reasons like provision of medical facilities, educational activities or cultural events. 

New Visa Entries 

Qualified applicants included foreign students would be extended, who are privately sponsored. The Government is already processing the visas of government-sponsored students since August. Visiting relatives and family stay visas will also be included. Strict controls over the travellers who came from the high numbers of coronavirus regions. According to the Government, International travel resumption is required for the economy. Even loosen the ban for sports professionals and athletes. It is for the Tokyo Games that will be held next year. Many individuals who could not fly after the outbreak of a pandemic, their education and job prospects are affected by the travel ban. 

Japan allows to Entry 1,000 Travelers a day

Due to small airport port testing capacity, international arrival is approximately 1,000 travelers a day. Till November it is expected that testing capacity will be increased to 20,000. All travelers would be needed to go through a test and quarantine themselves for 14 days. 

All foreign passengers, before departure to Japan, have to submit Covid-19 negative within 72 hours. Foreign nationals must have a travel schedule before applying as entry procedures vary for each visa category. 

The foreign ministry also announced relaxing restrictions for business travelers. Japan is going to open borders for different countries, mainly with 16 economies, but the travelers will go for self-isolation. 

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