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Japan and Entrepreneur Visa For International Graduates 

Despite the outbreak of pandemic Japan is going to issue an Entrepreneur Visa for International Graduates which is really great news for students. The Immigration Services Agency is working on a new Japan Start-up Visa for International Graduates. This above-mentioned visa is for international graduates from Japanese Universities which allow them to stay in Japan for up to two years. In this way, International students will be able to set a business meanwhile. Japan is working on it as the policy is under consideration but it is expected to launch in 2020. 

Japan and Employment Opportunity

Japan already announced the opportunities for the international graduates to start a career in Japan after the completion of education from the Japanese Universities. There is already relaxation seen in the past few years for International Graduates. Although the average salary for International Graduates is 2.3 million yen currently they can earn 3 million yen annually. 

In 2017, Japan has granted 22,419 International Graduates work visas after the completion of degrees while in 2018 Japan granted 25,942 work visas. International Graduates can even work during their studies not only after the completion of their studies and they can work for 28 hours a week. But this thing should be kept in mind that international graduates having Japanese Student Visa, have to apply for an additional work permit. Students from the Asian countries 95% of students got Japanese Work Visa after the completion of their studies. 

Japan and International Graduates

Japan is listed as one of the top destinations in the world to study abroad because of the increasing number of international students. Japanese Government has planned to reach 300,000 international students by 2020. The Japan Student Service Organization has reported 312,214 international students are in Japanese higher education institutions. 

Importance of Japan for Studies

Japan offers some different kinds of benefits for students from all over the globe. Which includes employment opportunities during studies and after graduation working visa. A variety of world’s recognised universities with a lot of higher education study programs. Japan also offers very low tuition fees along with many generous scholarships with wonderful life experience. 

Want to Study and Work in Japan?

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