Invitation round

Invitation round for the Skilled-Independent (Subclass 189) and Skilled-Regional (Subclass 489)

It is anticipated that Invitation rounds for Skilled Independent Visa and Skilled Work Regional visa – Family sponsored visas to be run quarterly. Invitations depend on the number of applications processed by the process. 

Occupation Ceiling

There is an occupation ceiling applied to invitations under independent and skilled regional (provisional) visas. There is a limit for EOIs for skilled migration under any group. Occupation ceiling based on stock employment figures for occupation. It does not apply under State or Territory Nominations. Neither for Business Innovation and Investment visa subclasses. 

Recent Invitation round

A current SkillSelect invitation round held on July 26, 2021. There are 500 invitations issued under Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189). And 250 invitations are issued under Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass-491) – Family Sponsored. 

Invitation process and cut offs for invitation round 

Highest ranked candidates are invited to apply for the related visa. Candidates under Skilled independent Visa (subclass 189) with minimum points scores of 80 with latest date of effect 07/2019. Candidates under Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) Family Sponsored visas are invited with minimum scores of 65 and latest date of effect is 03/2021. 

Details for pro rata occupations in the July 26 invitation round

There are occupation groups for pro rata arrangements across the program year. Here is detail for the SkillSelect allocations available places for given subclasses. 

Subclass Occupation ID  Description Minimum Points Score Latest date of effect month.
189/491 2211 Accountants N/A N/A
189/491 2212 Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasures.  N/A N/A
189/491 2334 Electronics Engineer N/A N/A
189 2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers. 90 04/2021
491 2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers.  N/A N/A
189 2339 Other Engineering Professionals.  90 04/2021
491 2339 Other Engineering Professionals.  N/A N/A
189/491 2611 ICT Business and System Analysts. N/A N/A
189/491 2613 Software and Applications Programmers. N/A N/A


189/491 2613 Computer Network Professionals  N/A N/A

Invitation round for 2021-22 program year

Under subclass Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) 250 invitations are issued. And 500 invites are issued under Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa subclass 491 – Family sponsored. And in total 750 invitations are issued. 

Australian Immigration and invitation round.

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