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Germany reaches the top 4 in rank with record-high International student enrolment

Germany has recently started becoming a very popular study destination for students wanting to study abroad as in recent years the country has experienced a drastic increase in its international students in Germany population.

According to a report from Wissenschaft weltoffen in this winter semester of 2022, Germany hosted its largest number of international students in Germany ever recorded with around 25,000 more students compared to the previous year which is a rise of at least 8%.

There was another report from (DAAD) ‘a Germany Academic Exchange Service’ which stated that approximately 350,000 students out of Germany’s overall three million student population are international students from the previous winter semester. With this new development, Germany is now ranked fourth after the USA, the UK, and Australia in terms of attracting international students in Germany, and the number of international students in Germany is expected to continue rising as it has been following the decrease that has occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact in the recent report, it is mentioned that (DAAD) had also discovered that the number of international students had increased even during the pandemic. This is largely due to the majority of the existing international students extending their study programs.

“Germany, over the past two years, has maintained its good reputation among worldwide students and doctoral candidates, and is now harvesting the fruits of its ongoing efforts to provide quality education and care to international students in Germany,”

Germany reaches top 4 in rank with record-high International student enrolment

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