Study in New Zealand, top scholarships in Universities where IELTS is not required

New Zealand is the country with the best educational experience for international students. The top-ranking Universities helps to broaden the vision and ability to deal with the career. International students come from all over the globe to study in New Zealand. The education sector of New Zealand is considered among the best systems in the world. 

Scholarship programmes for International students to study in New Zealand

New Zealand offers great scholarship programmes for foreign students. Which will help to deal with tuition fee expenses, living and health finances. Such scholarships are for bachelor, Masters and PhD programmes. 

Universities where IELTS is not required 

Universities in New Zealand offer scholarships and universities are mentioned here do not need IELTS for admission. 

  • University of Canterbury 
  • University of Otago 
  • University of Aukland
  • Lincoln University
  • Unitec Institute of Technology.

Scholarships for 2022 in New Zealand 

  1. International Student Excellence Scholarship, University of Auckland 

These scholarships are for undergraduate or postgraduate students along with the study of one year or more in University. Students with high calibre and high academic performances are attracted. 

Students studying for bachelors, Masters diploma or degree in any desired subject can apply for the scholarship. Almost 50 scholarship programmes are offered Bi-annually. Students from undergraduate or postgraduate can avail themselves of $10,000 to cover the fees and expenses. 

  1. International Taught Master Merit Scholarship, Lincoln University 

These are for international students who are enrolled in the Master’s degree programme. These are offered on the academic ability of the students. 

The scholarship amount could be NZ$10,000 or NZ$7000 depending on the study program. To be eligible one must have at least a GPA of a B+ in the last year of a Bachelor’s degree. 

  1. Doctoral Scholarships, University of Otago 

These scholarships offer support to students studying doctoral or PhD degrees at the University of Otago. Doctoral Scholarships are for both international and local students. 

This scholarship programme offers NZ$25,000 on annual basis. It is for the students with strong potential for research and ability. 

  1. International Research Master’s Scholarship by University of Otago

It is for International Students who are studying in Master’s programme, to give them financial support. This program is during the thesis part of the study programme. The annual amount for this scholarship is NZ$15,000 for international students. 

  1. ADB Scholarships at University of Auckland 

While the study in New Zealand for highly aspiring students of the ADB countries. Students doing postgraduate degrees in economics, science and technology, management and development-related fields are offered this stipend. 

Following programmes are covered under these scholarships: 

  • Masters of Science (Environmental Science)
  • Master of Public Health 
  • Master of Arts (Development Studies) 
  • Master of International Business 
  • Masters programmes in Engineering 

Study in New Zealand and top scholarships.

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