International students hub

International student hub launched in NSW, Australia. 

To support international students, an international student hub has launched in New South Wales. International students who are suffering from wage exploitation, social isolation, and low accommodation standards are the result of the global pandemic, this hub will help them out. To help international students in getting a positive and life-changing experience, this hub will help them a lot. It is a unique project as it is completely led by community groups. 

It would be a platform for capacity building, making a bond between people on visas and citizens, leadership workshops, and meaningful projects to enhance the student’s experience. 

Details about Hub

They actually need a total of $200k to fully resource the hub. It is a great initiative by the Education agency Go Study Australia as it is providing over 400 sqm of space and resources. Which will help to host the hub and its members and it would be significant support. New South Wales hosting almost 37% of international students and had no student hub previously. A grant of $100,000 has been secured from the City of Sydney for this hub. It’s a good start but this pilot needs a total of $ 200,000 to be fully funded. 

All stakeholders need to support this hub and secure the project’s long-term sustainability.

International Students in Australia.

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