International Experience Class

International Experience Class (IEC) session opened on March 1st, 2021.

International Experience Class Canada session opened on March 1st which is an opportunity for the youth to live and work in Canada. This opportunity is on a temporary basis but one can gain Canadian work experience and can qualify to stay in Canada permanently. 

Way to participate in International Experience Class (IEC)

To be a participant in an International Experience Class, the candidate must be from a territory that has an agreement with Canada which allows applying for an International Experience Class work permit. Countries that have an agreement with Canada are found here. There is also an opportunity for the candidates nominated by a Recognized Organization. 

Eligibility Requirements 

Applicant must meet the eligibility requirements for the country of citizenship along with a country agreement or receiving a nomination. 

Applicants must be: 

  • Citizen of the participating country.
  • Valid passport for the duration of the stay in Canada. 
  • Between the ages of 18, 30 or 35 and it depends on the country.
  • Must have a minimum Canadian $2,500 to deal with expenses in Canada. 
  • Health insurance for the duration of stay.
  • The candidate must not be inadmissible to Canada. 
  • A round trip ticket or financial resources to purchase a ticket by the end of the stay in Canada. 
  • Dependents are not accompanied. 
  • Pay the fees 

After being eligible, the applicant must submit a profile to the Internation Experience Canada Pool. IRCC regularly issue invitations in IEC season and International Experience Canada candidates in the pool are invited. Profile was submitted before the last date of invitations, they can receive an invitation to apply. 

Types of Program under the International Experience Canada

There are three types of programs under the International Experience Canada. 

  • Working Holiday
  • Young Professionals 
  • International Co-op (Internship)

Canadian Immigration and International Experience Class.

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