Indonesia launches new visa for tourists and businesses

Indonesia has introduced a new 5-year multiple-entry visa for tourists and people looking to visit for business reasons. This visa has been introduced to make travel to Indonesia more affordable and to attract more visitors. This new visa will cost $972 (271,721 pk) and is meant to be paid online. This visa will also greatly boost Indonesia’s travel and tourism industry

What does this visa do?

  • This visa will allow its holders to visit anywhere in Indonesia allowing them to meet family and friends or business-related individuals.
  • This visa will allow its holders the ability to participate in various events and meetings.
  • As this visa is for tourism and business purposes only, its holders will not be allowed to work in Indonesia.
  • Applicants who desire to stay in Indonesia for a longer period of time for any reason will have to apply for another visa.

Indonesian authorities have made clear that individuals who do not adhere to the rules of the visa are at risk of being either fined or deported. These legal charges also include visa holders who outstay their permitted welcome or participate in illegal activities while having the 5-year multiple entry visa.

This visa is part of Indonesia’s effort to increase immigration in their country and improve their visa policy to attract more foreigners to the country. Indonesian officials have also mentioned that the government is also considering to remove visa requirements from 20 countries. It has mentioned that it wishes to allow visa-free entry for nationals of Australia, India, China, South Korea, the UK, the US, France, Qatar, Germany, UAE, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, New Zealand, Italy, and Spain. 2 Middle Eastern countries have also been said to be added to this list soon.

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