Increase their CRS score

Strategies applicants over the age of 30 can use to maximize Express Entry CRS score without being penalized.

The Express Entry programs are currently the largest source of immigration for Canada and applicants who are considered eligible to apply for immigration through Express Entry are scored using a point-allocation grid classified as a (CRS)  Comprehensive Ranking System. This score is used by the IRCC to rank applicants for any of the Express Entry programs such as the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP), and the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP). There are multiple factors that can influence the CRS score such as age, education, first language ability (English or French), second language ability (English or French), and Canadian work experience.

Today we will be discussing alternative ways for people at or above the age of 30 to increase their CRS score as the more you are beyond that age the more score you lose until the age of 45 when you receive 0 scores for age.

First alternative: Attaining provincial nomination through a (PNP) Provincial Nominee Program.

Receiving provincial nomination through one of the enhanced Provincial Nominee Program streams in Canada that are part of the Express Entry is one and possibly the best method for applicants to increase their CRS score and gain an (ITA) invitation to apply for permanent residency in Canada since gaining a nomination before applying through Express Entry can help applicants gain an extra 600 points. This can be done by an Express Entry hopeful after he/she applies and receives a provincial nominee certificate after receiving an ITA and afterward, they can upload their certificate to their Express Entry profile to receive 600 points and increase their CRS score.

Second alternative: Getting a job offer

Another way for applicants to increase their CRS score is by having a valid job offer when applying through Express Entry. Also, evidence regarding the job offer must be in writing along with providing details regarding the job such as job requirements, pay, duties, and employment conditions. This option is also a very good one for applicants to increase their CRS score as candidates with a valid employment offer can obtain either 50 or 200  points depending on the position.

Third alternative: Evaluating work experience

Work experience can also help applicants increase their CRS score in multiple ways, for example, simply obtaining additional work experience can help applicants improve their scores, or they can achieve similar results by doing a better job of articulating current work experience.

Fourth alternative: Improving language ability

Language ability crucial factor that determines one’s CRS score. It falls under the category of “core human capital factors” and as a larger category, it is split into first-language ability and second-language ability in order to evaluate an applicant’s proficiency in both English and French. This component can provide a considerable amount of points to applicants and increase their CRS score which makes it an essential part of any Express Entry application.

Fifth alternative: Strengthening educational credentials

Education is another element of “core human capital factors”. It can provide up to 200 to 250 points depending on whether the applicant received their credential inside or outside Canada. Hence, if applicants can gain additional credentials such as another degree or obtain an (ECA) Educational Credential Assessment for an existing degree can help applicants further increase their CRS score.

Maximizing Express Entry CRS score at the age of 30 and above

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