In-demand Alberta occupations after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic


In-demand Alberta occupations after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic 

The Canadian government is working on the occupations which are in demand after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Alberta. Many sectors are badly impacted due to this pandemic and sideways there are more job openings. There are short term changes due to disturbance in the job market. 

Trend Analysis tool

After the research by the Federal government, there are findings of the labour force. There is a trend analysis tool that will help to view the trends in the interesting occupation. Occupations are there on National Occupational Classification (NOC) code. 

  1. Computer and Information Systems Manager (NOC 0213)

Tech professionals to evaluate the activities of Digital Software and other Information Systems. 

  1. Employment insurance, immigration, border services and revenue officers (NOC 1228) 

A huge number of applications are there for Government programs like Employment Insurance along with Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). These are usually to enforce laws and regulations related to immigration, taxes, customs, border crossing, employment insurance and other benefits. 

  1. Information Systems analysts and consultants (NOC 2171) 

Tech professionals are not affected and they provide services on Information system issues. They are related to Tech Consulting Firms or usually self-employed. 

  1. Database Analysts and Data Administrators (NOC 2172)

They are usually employed in IT consulting firms and implement data administration policy. They are not affected by the pandemic and employment is strengthened in fact. 

  1. Software Engineers and designers (NOC 2173) 

They maintain different software and are usually employed in IT consulting, research and development firms. The Tech industry is grown in Alberta so they could be self-employed.

  1. Construction Inspectors (NOC 2264)

They inspect the infrastructure of buildings and approve the code. They work in construction companies, architectural and civil engineering consulting firms or they could be self-employed. 

  1. Nursing co-ordinators and supervisors (NOC 3011) 

They oversee the work of registered nurses in Health care. After the pandemic, there are in-demand occupations are for nursing coordinators as a critical occupation. 

  1. Pharmacist (NOC 3131) 

It provides consultative services to health care providers and they could be self-employed or employed in retail pharmacies. While industrial pharmacists deal with research and development branch and work in pharmaceutical companies or in government agencies.

  1. Family, Marriage and other related counsellors (NOC 4153)

These are to help people with personal problems and domestic goals. As they usually work in counselling centres, government agencies or as private practice. Even counselling offices have expanded services online due to public health restrictions. 

  1. Health Policy Researchers, Consultants and Program Officers (NOC 4165) 

They are usually employed in consulting establishments, universities, hospitals, government and non-governmental international organizations.

  1. Social and Community service workers (NOC 4212)

They implement programming which helps people to deal with personal and social problems. Which includes government agencies, group homes, mental health agencies and establishments. 

  1. Contractors and supervisors, installers, other construction trades, repairers and servicers (NOC 7205)

They supervise the activities of various tradespersons which includes masonry and plastering trades. The construction industry was important and operated throughout the pandemic. 

Immigration programs and in-demand occupations

Although there is no need for a job offer for Canadian Immigration, Skilled Work experience for an Immigration application. While work experience in Canada can improve the earning potential. 

All above-mentioned occupations fall under the Skilled work category so they are eligible for Federal high skilled programs. Express Entry is the most popular immigration pathway to deal with the Federal Government immigration targets. So Alberta Express Entry stream is best to opt for. 

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is also under the government’s immigration branch. Which is an example of the Provincial nominee program. Along with this Alberta Opportunity stream for the skilled workers, working in eligible in-demand occupations in the province. 

Along with this Health care positions are eligible under the Essential Worker Stream. 

In-demand Alberta Occupations and Canadian Immigration.

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