Immigration to Canada through PNP

Immigration to Canada

PNP becoming a popular option for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada

The PNP Provincial Nominee Program is a method for skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. The purpose of this program is to attract skilled workers and have them immigrate to Canada to strengthen the economy, especially in provinces that have a small immigration population history.

The PNP program allows people nominated by Canadian provinces to immigrate to Canada and even settle in a specific province if they are interested in doing so. In order to attract workers, graduates, and entrepreneurs, Canada has over 80 provincial immigration streams, and Each program is designed to respond to the province’s labor force requirements.

This program includes all provinces except Nunavut and Quebec out of which the latter has its own authority to determine the selection criteria for economic immigration.

There are currently 2 ways available for nominated candidates to get permanent resident status after they immigrate to Canada:

  • Base Program

  • Enhanced Program



In the Base, program applicants apply directly to the PNP stream. Afterward, the province will judge the eligibility of the candidate against criteria set by the province. If you successfully pass the criteria then a letter of nomination will be issued to the applicant and he/she can then apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada to gain permanent residence after they immigrate to Canada.


These options are aligned with the federal Express Entry application management system. If an applicant meets the standards of an Express Entry-managed program like the (FSWP) Federal Skilled Workers Program and the (FSTP) Federal Skilled Trades Program can increase their chance of an (ITA) Invitation to Apply by obtaining provincial nominations.

Candidates can also mention in their Express Entry profile if there is a certain province they would prefer to settle in and the provincial government of that province will determine if you are a suitable candidate that would benefit the province. If you are judged to be so then you will be invited to apply for a provincial nomination by that province.

If the applicants choose to accept the nomination then an application can be submitted to the province by the applicant and if the program criteria are fulfilled by the applicant they receive a letter of nomination along with automatically receive 600 points in the (CRS) Comprehensive Ranking System which can improve their chances of getting permanent resident status.

Immigration to Canada through PNP

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