Immigration Plan of Quebec for 2023 was finally released

Immigration plan

The overall situation remains the same with only slight changes throughout all categories compared to 2022

On December 8th the Canadian province of Quebec released its Immigration Plan for 2023 according to which Quebec could welcome approximately 52,500 new permanent residents in 2023 which is the same as the immigration plan for 2022.

A majority of the admissions to Quebec in 2023 will be done using the province’s economic immigration programs which include the (QSWP) Quebec Skilled Worker Program and the (PEQ) Québec experience program.

The economic category represents approximately 65% of the planned admissions having a maximum target of 33,900, meaning this category also represents the largest portion of newcomers to Canada. through this category, the Canadian province aims to welcome almost 29,500 skilled workers and approximately 4,300 business immigrants, including investors, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed.

Aside from these, the 18,100 new permanent residents left are expected to arrive through other immigration programs like family reunification, refugees, etc.

The Immigration Department of the province presents the immigration plan for Quebec each year. The plan mainly highlights the number of new permanent residents that the Canadian province aims to admit for the upcoming year along with how many will be admitted through a certain category. Up till now, the immigration plan has only stated the target for the upcoming year but this is expected to change as in 2023 a consultation will take place in which the Canadian province will create a multi-year plan beginning in 2024.

More significance placed on French-speaking immigrants

The 2023 immigration plan is most similar to the immigration plan of 2022 plan since at some time back in this year, the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) won a second term as the governing party, and because one of the main protecting French languages is one of the main pillars of the CAQ, the new immigration plan for 2023 aims to focus on accepting immigrants who speak French.

The topic of immigration in Quebec had much discussions on it during the provincial election this year in which Legault as part of his campaign committed to allowing only 50,000 new immigrants to enter Quebec a year throughout his term, stating that it was the largest quantity of immigrants the Canadian province could accommodate considering it was difficult to integrate new immigrants into Quebec society.

Unique immigration system of Quebec

The Canadian province of Quebec is the only one that releases an immigration levels plan every year and is also the only one that has complete control of its economic immigration admissions. This is largely due to the Quebec having launched its own immigration ministry in 1968 and since then the province has pushed for more control over immigration until finally the Quebec-Canada Accord was made which gave the province control over setting its own admission targets.

However although Quebec selects the skilled immigrants it wishes to admit, immigration still remains a shared matter between the federal and provincial governments, and the (IRCC) Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has the final decision on all admissions, regardless of what class the immigration is from.

The immigration plan of Quebec for 2023 was finally released

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