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The latest Immigration Level plan of Canada is estimated to be released by the Canadian Government on 1st November 2022.

The (IRCC) Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada releases a new Immigration Level Plan each year which is used as a guideline to determine the number of immigrants allowed to enter Canada each year. It contains simplified details regarding immigrants from multiple programs such as economic class, family class, and humanitarian class programs over the next three years, and this year it will be dealing with immigrants from 2025 till 2025hgggY

Latest Immigration Levels Plan

In the previous Immigration Levels Plan for 2022-2024, Canada’s aim was to invite 431,645 new immigrants to become permanent residents with the help of all immigration classes in 2022 but now this target has increased to 451,000 new permanent residents for 2024.

According to Canada’s immigration records so far the country has welcomed over 300,000 new permanent residents in 2022, a majority of which are from economic class programs. The target Canada had set for economic class immigrants in 2022 made up approximately 60% of the total number of immigrants in the Immigration Level Plan, which makes the total number up to  241,850. Out of the remaining number in the overall target for 2022, 105,000 immigrants were family-class immigrants and the remaining 8,250 were from the refugee and humanitarian class.

However, the IRCC is expected to change once the new Immigration levels Plan for 2023-2025 is announced as it will be used as a reference instead of the previous one used up till now in 2022.

Changes expected to occur

For the past few years, the Immigration Levels Plan has been steadily increasing its target for the number of immigrants that are to be given permanent residency in Canada such as during 2016 the target was 250,000, then in 2021 it was increased to 405,000 and now for 2023 it has been increased to 447,055 and is expected to increase further to 451,000 by 2024.

The Immigration Level Plan is created by the IRCC with the help of multiple government departments and stakeholders to ensure that the allocation of permanent resident spots is kept balanced between each class and subsequent program.

However, because some provincial immigration ministers have criticized the current plan under the protest that it did not allocate enough spots to (PNPs) Provincial Nomination Programs, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser had stated during an interview with CIC News in June that he would consult with the provinces to better understand their needs in regards to the labor market and adequately bolster Canada’s workforce.

The reason behind Canada’s need for immigrants

For Canada in its current times, immigration is vital for it to maintain its current economic conditions and promote them in the future as the country has been several lacking in terms of laborforce following the covid pandemic and with more people reaching the age of retirement the labor shortage will only increase further in the future is left as it is. Hence the Canadian government has decided to increase the number of immigrant intakes, typically for those specializing in sectors that are in demand of labor within Canada so that the country has enough workforce to continue to operate properly.

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