Canadian Immigration – Things to know when applying for Canada

Canada is a country which always welcomes immigrants wholeheartedly. It’s heaven for the candidates who want to grow over the horizon. Applying for a Canadian visa is always a delicate task as instructions should be followed carefully.

We as Immigration Consultants always suggest our clients go for tidy documentation according to directions of the immigration process. As professionals regarding the Immigration process, we suggest to our clients in which situation and under which program they should apply. Whether Immigration under a visitor visa, study visa, work visa or under family sponsorship programs by viewing the immigration process. Sometimes minor mistakes cause rejection of applications. 

Canada immigration

Here we will mention some points to guide our worthy clients to avoid some common mistakes:

Required information on the Application form:

Immigration applications usually require specific information which should be free of mistakes. Asif Consulting would suggest that no space should be left blank. All relevant information should be clear. No sections should be left and provide details if even asked multiple times. 

Never leave or hide any fact:

Due to lack of information, candidates sometimes hide information. Canadian Immigration applications usually finds out hidden facts. So we will suggest that candidates should be very honest while filling their forms.

Must provide relevant information:

Delaying in providing information causes the cancellation of the Immigration applications. Applications should be professionally filled and no loophole should be left.

No submission of form with missing information:

Canadian immigration form is a quite detailed and slow process. So I usually forget to fill every box. So that application should not be rejected. 

Make sure everything required in the form must be submitted:

To avoid cancellation of the application form, Asif Consulting will always suggest you complete the application package. Everything is provided which is needed in the application form. 

No submission of application in the wrong center of processing:

Applications should be sent to the right location. To avoid cancellation or return of application we as Immigration Consultants suggest you be very careful. The application must be submitted on the location based on it.

Must send proof of payment:

Candidates must put the application with all information required but never forget to send proof of payment. Must attach the receipt of payment to avoid form return.

Present well yourself in Immigration form:

Avoid any false information. If there is a difference in another application then it must be rejected again. So always try to be honest and put true information even at the very first time. 

Enough time left on Passport:

Candidates must have a minimum of six months on the passport when putting application form, especially for visitors or education visas. Always make sure you have more time on your passport, according to immigration authorities. 

To deal with the above-mentioned stuff, we as Immigration Consultants provide a comprehensive consultation. Our team, with their expertise, will ensure you submit your application successfully.

Canadian immigration

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