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IELTS Score Improvements – IELTS Preparation Tips

Tips to improve your IELTS score

IELTS International English Language Testing System is a testing system which grades your English Language. English Language skill based on four factors: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening.

Why IELTS is Required?

IELTS bands are important in every field whether to get admission in any good international University or to get immigration from prosperous countries like Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. 

If one successfully takes the IELTS test it will even help to apply for many recognised schools, employers, professional bodies and immigration authorities. 

Studying lengthy guides and preparation with enthusiasm for hours can help you to get good IELTS bands. But IELTS study guides are also there and we as Immigration Consultants will guide you on how to improve your IELTS bands with simple and useful tips. 

  • Improve Vocabulary:

English is all about using words in the right way and context in a perfect way. Reading for ample of time and frequency is needed to be good at it. By reading you will come across new words and it will help to enhance vocabulary. Our IELTS experts always suggest that while reading underline the unfamiliar words and then practice them. Try to understand the meaning of the word and memorise it. 

Not only you will learn new words which will enhance writing but it will help to speak with fluency. After getting familiar with new words you must try to use it in daily life. 

Reading English newspapers and listening to English news will help to improve reading and listening skills. 

Important Points:

  • Note down the expressions which could be used in Academic context and try to use them accordingly. 
  • Try to use more phrases than single words.
  • Learn proper word arrangement.
  • Use a dictionary. 
  • Don’t waste much time over complicated words.
  • Try to do more and more practice especially in writing and talking.
  • Must follow news websites to enhance listening and reading.
  • Read more newspapers and magazines to enhance vocabulary and learn new words. 
  • Develop Reading Habits:

Read as much as you can and keep an English to English handy dictionary with you. It will help to know and understand the word. Never try to translate it in the mother tongue and try to learn more words in English. 

Important Points:

  • Learn to scan and skimming from the material to extract text. 
  • Must know the requirement of a given task.
  • Keep every point in your mind and be very clear to complete a task. 
  • Go through every point and instruction carefully.
  • Pay full attention so that you can get a few clues to organize the text.
  • Vocabulary explanation is always in the text, just pay attention.
  • Try to complete the task on your own and then consult the dictionary. 
  • Every morning I try to go through the English newspaper and news channels. 

How to deal with Writing Skills?

Always consistently record words while learning English. Always keep the main words in mind. Write down the important words and sentences to get reference later. Resound a word again and again it will enhance sounding and sound-related memory. Try to relate the new words with already known words.

Important Points:

  • Decide timings for writing which will help to improve your speed.
  • Answers should be detailed, to the point but not shorter than the prescribed length. 
  • Try to describe the information not the extra things like diagrams or graphs.
  • Choose the important features to support the answer.
  • For practicing analysis must go through charts and graphs available in material.
  • Read the question carefully and try to understand the given content.
  • Before starting to write, make a paragraph in your mind.
  • Never miss any part of the question.
  • Keep some time apart to edit writing.
  • Check mistakes at the end and keep some time for correction.


  • Focus on Pronunciation and Fluency:

Speaking skill test has three-part which include structured, free interviews and short talks. One has to talk on different aspects regarding familiar topics for 4 to 5 minutes. Be prepared for a 2-minute talk in talk section. And to get prepared for this section is about a minute. The full section will take 4 to 5 minutes. 

IELTS Preparation

Important Points:

  • For Fluency, one should focus on speaking for a long period.
  • While talking, be clear and loud so you can hear and focus on your words.
  • Record your voice and try to talk on different topics. 
  • Practice consistently.
  • For Pronunciation, Listen more in English.
  • Listen on Radio, TV and Films more and more. 
  • Repeat phrases and repeat word groups and try to use intonation properly.
  • Record your words, listen to it and then try to repeat it. 
  • Try to learn more and more words with the correct pronunciation.


  • Enhance Listening Skills:

To practice for Listening skills, listen to English news as you wake   up. When listening to the news, make a script and try to analyse it later. Daily, this routine will help you to enhance your listening skills.

Important Points:

Try to deal with time management for preparation and focus on content.

Thoroughly check the instructions.

You should be clear about the task to focus.

Check answers and listen again and try to focus on problems if any.

Hear recording only once.

Don’t pause and continue listening.

Listen carefully and focus on useful expressions.

How can we help you?

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how can we help you?

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