Hungary’s New Immigration Laws: What You Need to Know

Hungary new immigration law 2024

From March 1, 2024, Hungary new immigration law 2024 a lot. It means new rules for people who want to work and live in Hungary.

Old Permit Gone, Many New Ones

Before, there was something called the ‘Single Permit’ for working and living in Hungary. But now, there are lots of new permits instead. Here are some:

Guest Worker Permits

These are for temporary work in Hungary.

Hungarian Card

This is for highly skilled workers.

Residence Permit for Posting

For people working in Hungary but their company is in another European country.

National Card

This is for people from Serbia and Ukraine to work in Hungary without a special work permit.

Some Old Permits Stayed

Some permits stayed the same, like the EU Blue Card and the Intra-Corporate Transfer Residence Permit.

Guest Worker Permits Explained

Guest Worker permits have four types:

  • For seasonal jobs like farming.
  • For jobs related to investments.
  • For regular jobs on a Hungarian payroll.
  • For jobs in important projects for Hungary.

These permits last for two years and can be extended for one more year.

Limits of Guest Worker Permits

  • Some jobs are off-limits for non-EU foreigners.
  • Guest Worker permits can’t be renewed. People need to apply for a new one each time.
  • People with Guest Worker permits can’t switch to other permits.
  • Their family members can’t join them in Hungary.

Hungarian Card: For Skilled Workers

This is like the EU Blue Card but for Hungary new immigration law 2024. It’s for skilled workers in fields where there aren’t enough workers. The salary should be at least 80% of what Hungarian workers get. It’s easier to renew, bring family, and change immigration status compared to Guest Worker permits.

Tougher Rules for Employers

Employers must tell the government when someone starts or leaves a job. If someone with a Guest Worker permit or a permit for investment or employment ends their job, the employer must make sure they leave Hungary within six days. Breaking these rules can mean a big fine.

Other Changes

  • Entry visas are now valid for only three months.
  • From January 1, 2025, people applying for permanent residence need to pass a test about Hungary’s history and culture.


These changes affect many things, including study permits, rules for posted workers, and what employers need to do.


These changes make it harder for some people to work in Hungary, especially those with lower skills. But for skilled workers, there are new paths to come and work in the country. Employers need to understand these changes to hire and keep the right workers. For further details and assistance regarding the Hungary work permit, contact Asif Consulting


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