Hungary updates for residence permits

The government of Hungary has recently announced an update consisting of new immigration laws that have come into effect this year. An outline for these updates can be found here.
The latest update implies that the temporary and permanent residence permits expected to expire between the 1st of January and the 29th of February will be given of extension until the 30th of April 2024. The permit holders are not required to do anything to obtain the extension and it will be granted to them automatically by the government of Hungary. No certificate will be provided to the individuals affected by the Hungarian government.
These permits will only remain valid in Hungary so individuals are advised not to travel outside of Hungary as problems are highly likely to occur when they attempt to return to Hungary. Individuals intending to use their Hungarian permit to gain entry into another country in the Schengen area must be aware of the possibility of the country they intend to visit not recognizing their Hungarian permit as valid and denying entry.

The following services will remain available between the 1st of January and the 29th of February:
⦁ Using biometric data to fill digital applications till the 31st of December.
⦁ Application processing for replacements or substitutions of a document.
⦁ Application processing for extensions of expiring certificates granting its holders temporary residence.
⦁ Application processing for extensions of validity for immigration permit documents.
⦁ Application processing for issuances of permanent residence cards or registration certificates of EEA (European Economic Area) nationals.
⦁ Application processing for extensions or issuances of short-term and long-term residence cards for the family members of EEA nationals.
Applications submitted before the 31st of December are to be reviewed after the 29th of February.

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