How to apply for Study in Sweden?



1: Find the best program for yourself :

To study in Sweden the first thing you have to do is find a program in which you are interested. You might think of it as very simple but it’s actually not that easy. Around 39 renowned institutions from Sweden offer more than 1000 programs. Choosing a few programs from all these programs is very difficult. But it’s not something you should worry about as we have made a list of some Bachelors and Master programs for you so that making a decision becomes easier for you.

If you have any queries related to the program then what should you do?

It’s actually very simple. All you have to do is get in touch with the university where you have applied. Universities in Sweden are keen to help out students to resolve their issues and clear all their queries.


2: Apply in specific University:

Next thing you have to do is to apply in a particular university and for that you need to write an application. Application writing is time consuming and stressful process. Again to help you to solve this problem our educational consultants are more than happy to assist you to get your application approved by the institution. 


Study in Sweden



Documentation Requirement:

Now comes the most important and crucial stage of getting into the university of your choice. To study in Sweden you have to fulfill all the requirements of the universities in Sweden, submit your documents and remember the deadlines.The best way to do all of this successfully is to start ahead of time and arrange for all the things so that when you are applying you don’t have to worry.


Entry Requirements:

They are divided into two categories.

General Entry Requirements:


  • High school completion certificate Or Bachelor’s Degree
  • Being proficient in English

All other general requirements can be seen over here.

Specific Requirements:

There are some other important requirements for which you can visit this site.

After this the next question which comes to your mind is when can you apply to study in a renowned institution in Sweden?

You can apply twice a year. As most of the programs start in autumn so you can apply by mid January. There is an other option available  for you which is to apply in mid August as few programs start in spring as well .


Study in Sweden – Complete Session

Watch our complete Session by Mr. Asif Malik & Mr.Usman explaining the criteria about Sweden study in detail and have a specific guideline about Sweden Study procedure.


study in Sweden session


Now there is only one task left for you to do, that is to submit your application and here is the procedure you have to follow.


1: Apply online keeping a track of the deadline:

First of all you will open Sweden’s central application portal on this website. If you are applying for the masters course you can apply for up-to four programs in the same application while for bachelor’s you can select up-to 8 programs.     

Your time of applying to study in Sweden depends on the semester you choose. If you have chosen the Autumn semester then you will apply in mid of January. And if you are applying for spring semester then you will apply by mid of August.


2. Send your documents:

These documents include a proof that you meet up to the general and specific requirements of the program, evidence of you being proficient in English and details of other documents which you have to make your application more strong. For the details of the documents refer this.


3. Pay your application fee:

The application fee is 900 Euro starting from one program up to eight programs.


4. Looking for a scholarship:

If you need a scholarship there is nothing to worry about because a lot of universities and private companies offer scholarships in Sweden. But to secure a scholarship you will need the guidance of a professional such as an educational immigration consultant.


Sweden Scholarship


5. Now you have to wait for universities response:

You’re almost done! It’s time to relax as you have completed all your work and now it’s time for university to review you application.The final decision is up to the university that whether you will go to Sweden for studying or not. After a little wait you have to visit university admission’s official site to check whether you are one of those lucky people who are travelling to Sweden to complete their study.


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How can we help you?

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