Higher immigration levels in Canada require a boost in home building to keep up with demand

Higher immigration levels in Canada require a boost in home building to keep up with demand

Are you looking for Canadian immigration? Here are some efforts Canada is making for you to live a comfortable life. Desjardins’ projections on how immigration would impact the Canadian housing market state that higher immigration levels necessitate increased home construction to keep up with demand. There are important details including who was accepted into the Express Entry pool, how long it took to process applications, and who was guaranteed permanent residency in Canada in 2021.
The economic effects of the federal government’s enhanced immigration targets have been examined in research by Desjardins.
Desjardins has published research examining the effects of the fed on the economy. According to the analysis, all Canadian provinces will experience stronger real GDP growth as a result of the substantial amount of expected immigration. As a result, the paper claims that increased immigration will have an impact on Canada’s housing market by possibly reducing the availability of houses and jeopardizing housing affordability across the nation.

Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, a significant majority of immigrants historically settled in Ontario and British Columbia, where housing affordability was already an issue. According to Desjardins’ analysis, more immigration will likely increase housing costs and further reduce affordability in certain provinces. government’s expanded immigration goals.

The Prairie provinces (Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan) have historically had the best results integrating immigrants, the survey adds. By the end of 2024, affordability is anticipated to rise higher than in other parts of Canada in these provinces, which traditionally have the most affordable housing markets in the country. According to the Desjardins analysis, lower immigration rates in the Prairie provinces would relieve pressure on housing costs and affordability in areas where these issues are already a problem. Additionally, the decline in housing prices might counteract the higher trend brought on by a rise in immigration if the number of immigrants choosing to stay in the Prairie provinces reached its 2016 levels.
Further information regarding Canada’s immigration goals and statistics can be found here.

Increased residential construction: Regardless of where newcomers choose to settle, an increase in the number of homes created across Canada can counteract the impact of greater immigration levels on housing costs. Estimates from the Desjardins analysis indicate that in order to balance the price increase brought on by the spike in immigration, the number of housing developments across Canada would need to rise over 50% immediately and stay at that level through 2024.

The highest level of house construction in Canadian history would be reached in 2023 and 2024 if housing projects increased by 50%, which would be equivalent to nearly 100,000 extra homes being built each year. The advantage of more immigrants to Canada Desjardins contends that despite the likelihood that the increase in newcomers will drive up housing costs, there should be no restrictions on immigration. Instead, it ought to act as a stimulus to lower obstacles to Canada’s potential to increase home production.
The report’s conclusion explains how and why immigrants make a significant economic contribution to Canada. It is essential to increase the number of young, qualified employees entering Canada through immigration as the country’s natural population ages. Desjardins points out that deterring young, qualified workers from immigration to Canada would ultimately be detrimental to Canada’s economy and social structure as opposed to actually addressing this nation’s housing shortage problems.

“The contribution of immigrants to the Canadian economy moreover surpasses their impact on the housing market,” the Desjardins analysis claims.

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