H-1B visa

Notification by Biden Admin to delay mandatory minimum pay for H-1B visa 

A formal notification issued by the Biden Administration is to delay the mandatory minimum pay rule introduced by Trump Regime. It is a controversial rule for foreign workers on the H-1B visa, this visa is most famous among Asian IT professionals. 

H-1B visa 

It is actually a non-immigrant visa that helps US companies to recruit foreign workers in specific occupations to fulfill the positions. Technology companies have to employ thousands of foreign workers each year. 

There is further delay expected in effective date and implementation periods an open opinion will be taken from the public. On February 1 the department of labor proposed to delay Strengthening Wage Protection for the Temporary and Permanent Employment of Certain Aliens in the United States. The effective date of the final rule until May 14, 2021, in accordance with the Regulatory Freeze Pending Reviews. The 60 days delay would allow agency officials to review the fact or law. 

There is much more need for an increase in H-1B visas annually to secure the worlds best talent. But critics are against outsourcing and staffing campaigns as it replaces the US workers with cheaper foreign labour. 


Details about a new rule 


The new rule was about revisions to proposed mandatory salaries by the administration of former President Trump. A US group opposed Biden Administration over some decisions about H-1B visa especially in going back to the lottery system for locations. But it is expected, in fact, the need of the hour to go under critical reforms regarding H-1B visa without unnecessary delay. 

US immigration and H-1B visa.

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