Graduate Working Visa of 3-years by the UK Government

The UK Government announced a 3-years Graduate Working Visa, a significant decision in response to post-pandemic COVID-19 circumstances. Immigration policies are enhanced with some rules and regulations. There is an ease in rules and regulations to accommodate people. This Pandemic outbreak has changed so many things all over the globe. As the UK is also up to change in their immigration policies. 3-years Graduate Working Visa introduced for international students as they can work in the UK for 3 years after completion of their graduation. 

We as Immigration consultants will guide you people who are worried about their work visas. 

Changes in the Immigration Policy

After the outbreak of COVID-19 international students in the UK were waiting for eligibility for a work permit. Even post-graduate work permits didn’t extend more than a few months. Several factors are there which will define their eligibility. In this post-pandemic era, there was a need to change these specific policies. The change in policies will help international students who want to work in the UK. It will bring advantage to the country itself. 

This new system of Graduate working visas is introduced. Which will help international students to work after completion of graduation whether in 2021. 

Benefits of Graduate Working Visa

After the lock-down students were unable to travel to their institutes to complete their course of study. So they were worried about the eligibility of a work visa. Relaxation in policies was needed of the hour. 

  • International students can continue their study online without applying for a Tier-4 student visa. 
  • Visa vignette was for 30 days previously but now it’s for 90 days. A lot of time for the students to travel to the UK. 
  • Eligible postgraduate candidates can get the UK to work visa for two years. While PhD students can get a visa for three years. 
  • If the student is unemployed after completion of course. The unemployment period will not affect the post-study work visa in the UK. 
  • Students do not need any sponsorship to apply.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of students for the Graduate route.
  • International students have options to explore job options other than relating to your field of study.

Eligibility Graduate Work Visa

  • Candidate must be a graduate from a UK university.
  • Best chances if a student holds a Tier-4 visa at the introduction of the system in 2021. 
  • Candidates who are still students undergraduate, post-graduate or PhD are eligible.

How can we help you?

We as immigration Consultants will guide you that if the visa is expired what you have to apply for. As you can apply for a different type of visa. It could be a Tier-2 visa or another type of visa. To apply for Tier-2 general work visa minimum skill and the salary level is needed. Employment offers can boost eligibility.

Graduate work visa provides a level of skill and experience. After applying for another visa, the candidate can also apply for permanent residency. With a certain amount of fee, you pay Health Surcharge for each additional year. 

In this pandemic, we as UK immigration consultants will update you with the latest rules and regulations. Help you to cope up with this traumatic scenario, which prevails all over the globe. Stay connected with us our expert Immigration consultants will help you out for Consultancy services, Global citizenshipBusiness immigration, Skilled immigration, Study visa, Visit visa and Scholarships.

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