Germany makes Citizenship Path easier

The government of Germany has shortened the path of citizenship for foreigners and simultaneously ended the ban on dual citizenship by passing a law. This new law was brought into effect after a heated debate in the parliament of Germany.
German citizenship will now be available after residing in Germany for 5 years instead of the previous 10 to sync with neighboring countries such as France. In the case of special integration accomplishments citizenship can also be granted in 3 years. Dual citizenship will now be allowed for citizens of other EU countries allowing them to become voting members of German society. This change allows a huge number of German-born Turks to acquire citizenship.
This new law was said to be required by the German interior minister to keep Germany in competition with countries like Canada and the U.S. Before this change German citizenship had only ever been available to people who could prove to have German ancestors.
This change marks a change in the way Germany regards its residing foreigners giving them more hospitality than it has ever shown in its past giving glad tidings to many people who have lived in and worked in Germany for a long time without the hope of ever becoming citizens
Germany is expected to become a much more popular destination for foreigners and is also expected to further introduce more laws to ease migration.

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