Genuine Student Requirements for International Students in Australia from March 23, 2024

Genuine Student Requirements for International Students in Australia from March 23, 2024

Australia is on its way to implementing the genuine student requirements on March 23, 2024. Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirements are replaced with the Genuine Student (GS) requirements. It will help to identify genuine students who want to obtain quality education in Australia. 

Genuine Student Requirements for International Students

A Migration Strategy Australia released on 11 December 2023 replaced the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement of student visas with the Genuine Student (GS) requirement. 


This new mandate was implemented on 23 March 2024. Besides, the applications submitted after March 23 will follow the Genuine Student (GS) requirements. 

Implementation of new Genuine Student (GS) requirements 

Australian government representatives along with the education sector implemented GS requirements. They believe it will help to identify international students intending to obtain quality education and have no intention of migrating in the future. 

Student visa application form 

The student visa application form contains various questions providing an overview of the applicant to visa decision-makers. Previously there was a 300-word statement in the student visa application form which is now replaced with targeted questions. Moreover, targeted questions will help the decision-makers to grant student visas. 

Targeted questions contain: 

  • Complete details of the current situation which covers family, employment, community, and finances. 
  • Reasons for choosing the study course and Australia as a destination. 
  • Study course benefits. 
  • If someone has studied history in Australia then details of study history. 
  • If the applicant holds other visas explain the reasons for applying Student Visa. 

The Student Visa Declaration 

  • It depicts the understanding and purpose of study in Australia. 
  • Understand and follow student visa conditions and notify the Department of Home Affairs if any changes are needed. 
  • Understand the post-study pathways and people who can not stay lawfully in Australia must depart the country.

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