Finding LMIA Jobs in Canada

This post is for those who are looking for LMIA jobs in Canada. It is not easy to find the right opportunity in Canada, despite over 1,600 approved jobs and 11,000 pending approvals. Our professionals in Asif Consulting are here to help:

What is an LMIA?

An LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) is a document that Canadian employers need to hire temporary foreign workers. LMIA will show that the employer couldn’t find a suitable Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the job therefore they are looking for foreign candidates.

How to Find LMIA Jobs in Canada

Step 1: Visit the Canada Job Bank

Go to the Canada Job Bank website to find the right option. Scroll down to the “Temporary Foreign Worker” section and choose which fits you most.

Step 2: Search for Jobs

Click on “Temporary Foreign Workers” and get to the available job opportunities..

Step 3: Filter Your Search

Use the filter option to select jobs by location, pay, language, and LMIA status.

Step 4: Find Labour Market Impact Assessment-Approved Jobs

Tick the box for “LMIA approved” in the filter options. Then you may see a list of available LMIA-approved jobs.

Points to Remember

  • Apply to jobs that match your career profile.
  • Calibrate your resume to show how you fit the job.
  • Avoid paying employers for Labour Market Impact Assessmentjobs (it’s illegal!).
  • Apply to “name companies” instead of “number companies” for a better chance.

How to Find LMIA-Positive Employers?

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) publishes a list of employers. The list encompasses employers who received a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment every quarter. Scroll the list to find potential employers.

How Long is an Labour Market Impact Assessment Valid?

LMIAs remain valid for 6 months, effective May 1, 2024. However, there is an exception in the construction and healthcare sectors.


Finding LMIA jobs in Canada requires some effort, but with the right information and expert guidelines, you will be on your way to finding the right opportunity. Asif Consulting will guide you to find jobs that match your profile, avoid scams, and find Labour Market Impact Assessment-positive employers.