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Australian Immigration Updates from 1 July 2022 – 482  Short  Term to

  PR, 491/190 Visa in WA, Global Talent  visa:

Today’s blog will talk about the latest news about Australian immigration updates on the 1st of July.

The new Financial year 2022-23 has started with many positive changes. Some of them will be available for the candidates to apply after the 1st of July 2022. This includes some key changes in response to covid-19.

The changes that are made to address the skill shortage in some felid and also support the economic growth recovery.

Changes that will cover in this Australian Immigration news are.

– TSS 482 Visa Short Term to PR 186 Visa

–  prediction on company sponsor Visa Programs in the new Financial year 2022-23.

– Temporary Graduate Visa 485 Changes with dispensation in ability evaluation and New 485 Visa substitute Stream.

–  Visa application charges will be increased by 3%

– State Nomination Visa 491Visa 190  Updates

These changes are available after 1st July  2022 & Are any news on Australian immigration in the last 2 weeks before the financial year 22-23 starts?

Subclass -485 —- Skilled Occupation Concession.

  • There are no occupational requirements for the temporary graduate visa 485 after 1 July
  • It is beneficial for VET students who have done their  2 years course.
  • Amendments only apply until 30 June 2023
  • Any application out of 30 June will not be accepted.

Subclass – 485 —- New Replacement Stream.

If you stay in Australia during this pandemic while holding 485 visas, you can apply for the replacement stream of a 485 visa.

This period is counted from 1 Feb 2020 to 14 Dec 2021

The 485 visa replacement applies to 485 visa holders.

  • Were outside Australia when the 485 visas were granted. Then you entered Australia and departed Australia on the visa within any period before 15 Dec 2021
  • Were in Australia when the 485 was granted and outside Australia while holding that visa at any time between 1 Feb 2022 and 14 Dec 2021

482 short-term visa to PR 186 visa.

1st July 485 short-term visa holders can apply for temporary 186, which lets skilled workers who are nominated by their employers live and work in Australia permanently. It will open more new ways for permanent residence pathways for the new labor government.

Prediction on employer-sponsored visa program.

Australia is facing a skill shortage in many industries such as health and construction. We expect to see the 485 visas will play an important role in the next few years of the Australian Economy. We expect to see these programs serving the shortage that covers the regional area.

Aged, Disability, Child

 Visa applications charges will be increased by 3%

Visa charges will increase from 1st July 2022 by 3% in line with the consumer index increase. That could mean the visa application charge for some partner visas is up to 8,085 AUD.

Australian Immigration updates form July.

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