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Immigration System Canada, ideas to improve and effects of federal election campaign 

The Canadian Federal election campaign is making the way to improve immigration system in Canada.  The upcoming Canadian Federal election is very near as it will be held on September 20.  And indeed it is a clear indication to focus on the future of Canada’s Immigration System. 

Immigration policy

Political parties are campaigning across the country and then they have a four years mandate to lead the country. Canada has to support immigration to support the economy and prosperity. So immigration would be the best policy for the next coming four years. 

It is the basic source of the labour force and Canada’s population. Canada is depending on immigration due to an aging population and a low birth rate. 

According to 2021-23 plans, Canada will welcome at least 401,000 new immigrants per year. Canada indeed has the best immigration system in the world to deal with other issues facing Canada. 

COVID-19 Pandemic 

After the outbreak of pandemic there are a lot of challenges facing Canada and need to be dealt with.

Finding job by newcomers 

They were particularly affected by the pandemic due to hitting the Canadian labour market. Newcomers had to face the worst economic outcomes. IRCC has to work with industry, research, lower levels of government, education sector, settlement organizations and credentialing bodies. It will help to offer employment support to the newcomers in this challenging era of pandemic. Canada is working to transit temporary residents to permanent residents. 

FSWP candidates 

As inviting the Federal Skilled Worker Program is the main way of welcoming economic class immigrants. FSWP candidates are not invited in bi-weekly Express Entry draw so far this year. Many candidates have faced COVID related challenges and disturbance for permanent residents. 

Candidates who currently live in Canada and not receiving invitations. Although IRCC processes temporary resident applications of international students and foreign workers to travel here. In the post-pandemic era Canada’s travel restrictions are lifted. FSWP candidates have higher CRS scores than others. IRCC ranks Express Entry candidates on the basis of CRS scores. Highest scoring candidates are likely to succeed more as travel restrictions are lifted. 

Landing Expired CORP holders

Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CORP) holders are trying to renew their expired CORPs so they can immigrate to Canada. They were already approved by IRCC but thousands of them faced expired CORPs. They expired due to the pandemic restrictions and lack of flights and lockdowns. They are facing no support from IRCC as they want to begin their life in Canada. It is the right time IRCC to do fast processing of such individuals in this post-pandemic era. 

Economic Class

Express Entry is designed to give IRCC the opportunity to invite high potential candidates to contribute to Canada’s economy. Candidates with the highest CRS scores to invite candidates to live in Canada. Different provinces have respective Provincial Nominee Programs. There are creative employed provinces and occupation-specific draws to deal with the labour market needs. Occupation specific draws under Express Entry will help you to deal with labour shortages. Especially in Health care, Technology and agri-food. 

IRCC is also working on self-employed people with work experience who want to apply under Express Entry. If the candidate is self-employed they are recognized. 

Municipal Nominee Program 

The Liberals want to launch a new Municipal Nominee Program for smaller cities to attract immigrants. It is for the candidates who want to get settled in smaller cities. This program is delayed due to pandemic and an easier solution is to increase PNP allocations. 

Business allocation 

Canada was always leading to attract the immigrant entrepreneurs and investors but the IRCC has lost interest. But no modern replacement is done yet and Canada is missing out the opportunity to bring talent to the economy. 

The start up visa is a good initiative but failed to bring business immigration on a larger scale. 

Family Class 

Spousal Sponsorship 

Canada has introduced a new processing standard for spousal sponsorship application would be 12 months. Then for faster processing the standard was down to 6 months which is even applied to Express Entry candidates. 

Parents and Grandparents Program 

IRCC is struggling to deal with huge demand in this category. Its solution is to hold a lottery but it may not be a proven ideal. IRCC will hold a dialogue with stakeholders in the post-pandemic era and will benefit from a satisfactory approach to manage PGP. 


Afghan Refugees 

After the return of the Taliban there was a major humanitarian crisis. Canada has committed to welcome 20,000 Afghan refugees but it needs an hour to increase the number. The government must work on the strategy to greet them and facilitate more in coming years. 

Private Sponsorship of Refugee Program (PSRP)

Even after improving Canadian humanitarian objectives and processing material of PSRP. As this program allows all the Canadians to support and sponsor refugees privately and help them get settled on arrival. Processing time is needed to be improved as it creates demotivation. 

Settlement Services

Access for Temporary Residents 

Canada presents the best immigrant settlement services all over the globe. It spends almost $ 2 Billion a year to provide language training along with employment assistance and much more. But usually support is available to permanent residents. While the international students, temporary residents and temporary foreign workers are not getting these services. So to deal with this policy flaw IRCC is encouraging essential workers and International graduates living in Canada to apply for permanent residence. IRCC can solve this problem by giving temporary residents access to services. 



Liberals could not even fulfil the promise of making Canadian Citizenship applications free. Most probably due to the outbreak of the pandemic. New Federal mandate must proceed with this promise by waiving off fees or by reducing it. Some permanent residents are suffering to afford citizenship applications. 


Canada has a robust immigration system and continuously improving it at a faster pace. The value is enhanced by launching multi year immigration level plans and Express Entry. As Express Entry has the fastest processing application system and Multiyear levels plan to welcome newcomers in the country. 

Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, IRCC is working hard and managing the system. Flaws could be everywhere as nothing is perfect and we could try to make it better even. 

Immigration System Canada.

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