Canadian Immigration for faster family reunification

Canadian Immigration for faster family reunification 

There are protests all across Canada for the delay in Canadian Immigration through family sponsorship. This all happened because of the delays in spousal and family sponsorship after the pandemic outbreak. 

Temporary Resident Visa and Family Sponsorship

Although no travel restrictions are applied on a spouse or common-law partners of Canadians, many couples can not get Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) for spouses. IRCC refused many TRV applications for the candidates who already have family sponsorship applications in process. Because for TRV they should intend to leave Canada after the authorized visit tenure. But Family sponsorship application depicts that they want to immigrate permanently. 

Permanent applications are in Process but couples are forced to live apart. Even some couples claim that they are waiting from the past three years for the approval of their applications. 

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Protests by Spousal Sponsorship Advocates

Protests were held on 19 September in different cities of Canada. These demonstrations were organised by a group named Spousal Sponsorship Advocates, which emerged in the tenure of Pandemic. They are demanding a new family visit visa which allows family members to stay in Canada and wait for Permanent Residency. They also want amendments in current visa requirements. They even signed an online petition with 1500 signatures. Another petition by Democratic Party also with 6000 signatures calling to generate a special Temporary Resident Visa. It is accepted to go before Parliament. 

After the outbreak of COVID-19, Immigration applications deadlines are extending and the result is the long processing time. This is delaying the reunion of people with their families. 

Acceptance of TRV application chances is much higher for the candidates who explain well that they will leave Canada once the visa is expired. Demanded Special Temporary Resident Visa will help to solve the problems and help to unite Canadian families. 

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