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The Express Entry system of Canada is about to change its methods for selecting candidates in the first quarter of 2023 and beyond.

The (IRCC) Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada have decided that at some point during the start of 2023, it will appoint new authorities to hold Express Entry draws, ones which will be inviting candidates based on specific attributes instead of their overall CRS score.

These changes that are expected to be implemented in the Express Entry were made possible due to Bill C-19 which on June 23 received Royal Assent, or passed in both houses of parliament. Under the Bill, the immigration minister is given the authority to invite any candidate from an occupation or has skills that are currently in demand within a Canadian province.

Sean Fraser the Immigration Minister of Canada had previously told the CIC News in an interview last June that although the Express Entry does give Canada a competitive advantage however there is still much room in it for improvement and these changes would most certainly aid Canada in selecting immigrants who are already primed for economic success.

The IRCC also stated that the Bill will allow Canada to invite Express Entry candidates on a new basis which will aid in accomplishing an economic goal set by the minister.

 Which candidates will be invited?

There is currently no confirmation to date on which candidates within targeted draws would be given an (ITA) invitation to apply therefore the minister has stated that he will be consulting with stakeholders, business councils, and provinces to determine which candidates to target.

This new authority of the minister will allow him to invite Express Entry candidates who can help resolve the most pressing economic needs and labor shortages of the province they are invited to.

Reason for changes in the Express Entry system

The main reason behind these changes is most likely the historic labor shortage that Canada has been experiencing for the past few years. Moreover, most of Canada’s current labor force is made up of the aging population and it is estimated that nine million workers will reach the retirement age of 65 by 2030 with the low birth rate in Canada there will not be a sufficient number of young Canadians to fill in all the vacant positions. Therefore Canada is currently heavily reliant on immigrants to deal with the labor demand and maintain a workforce that is capable of supporting the economy.

It was also for this purpose that the immigration levels plan 2023-2025 increased the number of (PR) admissions to 500,000 per year by 2025 so that Canada could maintain and strengthen its workforce, and out of the 500,000 new PR, 110,000 will be admitted through the Express Entry programs.

Changes expected to occur within Canada’s Express Entry draws starting in 2023

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