Employer-Sponsored Visa

Nomination approved for an Employer-Sponsored Visa 

If anybody interested in nomination approved for an Employer-Sponsored Visa or in sponsoring overseas workers. For an Employer-Sponsored visa, there are usually three steps which are as follow:

The first one has to apply for standard business sponsorship. 

The next step is to Nominate the worker. 

And then finally apply for the visa for the worker.

If we talk about it in detail:

  • Standard Business Sponsorship:

In the very first place the Business to be Approved by the Department of Home Affairs as a sponsoring employer for the application process. Usually, sponsorships are valid for a period of five years. A standard business sponsor can nominate a worker for work. For this, a legally established and currently in operation business was needed. A standard Business Sponsorship is required for a TSS 482 visa and it is optional for ENS 186 visa.

  • Nomination:

In the second stage, there is the nomination of the applicant with the occupation must be on the occupation list. These things will determine the length of the visa for the applicant and then pay the Government fees. The employer must have to show the labor marketing testing to the Home Affairs and the applicant must be paid at market salary rate. It must be shown to the Department of Home Affairs that a foreign worker is needed to fill the position as there is no permanent resident. 

  • Visa Application

Now finally the applicant should apply for the visa and the applicant must meet the relevant requirements which include:

  • Age 
  • Skills 
  • Education
  • Employment History
  • English Language proficiency

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