An employer sponsor visa is a visa that allows the employer of Australia to sponsor the international employee who has a permanent work permit; in that case, they can help or can work for them in Australia. They can sponsor the employer sponsor visa through nomination or sponsor them which can allow them to apply for permanent residency in Australia. The employee sponsor visa in Australia has a different list of options to get you sponsored and work in Australia.

Different types of employer sponsor visas.

  • Employee nomination scheme subclass (186)
  • And Temporary skill scheme subclass (482 )

Category of Employer-Sponsored.


Employer nomination scheme subclass 186:

The employee nomination scheme is permanent visa subclass 186, which enables you to live and work in Australia. The individual can apply for subclass visa 186 if he /she can only be nominated by the employer.

The job position that is mentioned to the employee must be linked with the skill and qualifications

That is mentioned for them. Your nomination will only be considered if the Australian employer nominated you. This scheme is further divided into 3 types.

  • Direct entry system
  • Labor agreement stream
  • Temporary residence stream

Who can apply for an employee nomination scheme?

The employer nomination scheme is applicable for those employers who fulfill the requirements that are listed below.

  • You can apply for a 186 visa in Australia, while you are residing anywhere around the world
  • If you are residing in a country you should be the holder of a substantive visa.
  • If the substantive visa holds no further stay, you can still also apply for the subclass visa 186.
  • Three years of work experience
  • For the direct entry stream and temporary residence stream, you have a relevant work experience in a flew at least 3 years
  • Labor entry stream you need to work or currently working under the recommended employer

What Australian sub visa 186 lets you do in Australia?

With the 186 Employer Nomination Scheme, you can reside in the country for an unspecified time along with your family members. You can also continue your studies with 186 visas. This visa also grants the applicant various healthcare scheme that is available in the country. 186 visas also permit the applicant to apply for Australian citizenship.

What are the requirements for visa 186?

If you want to grant visa 186 you must fulfill the requirements to achieve it. The following requirements are as follows.

  • Have to be above 45 years if you are not a researcher or subclass 461 visa holder.
  • Must require skill and experience to qualify for the 186 visas Australia
  • You must be registered, and have licensed membership under an organization.
  • Provide all the details of the nominated.
  • Signed Australian valued system.
  • Visa status should be stated
  • Character and Health requirements should be matched.

Eligibility criteria for Australian visa subclass 186

You need to qualify the certain specification that is stated by the country. The eligibility criteria are listed below.

  • State of visa
  • Outstanding amount
  • English language
  • Sign the value statement
  • Character and Health requirements
  • Age criteria
  • Details of nominations
  • Membership and Requirements
  • Required skills and Work experiences.


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