Critical Skills and Sectors and Travel Exemption

Australia is open only for Critical Skills and Sectors. Australia has strict border measures to protect the community. Without travel exemption, one can not be able to travel, and very few flights are there. Along with this, all the travelers must go into quarantine for 14 days at the arrival of Australia. Quarantine is a must for even Australian citizens. One has to pay a quarantine cost, whether it is in a hotel or at the port of arrival. For further details regarding COVID restrictions and quarantine, read this.

Here we will mention requirements for the applicants of Critical Skills and Sectors, for travel exemption:

For a non-citizen, The Commissioner of the Australian Border Force may grant a  travel exemption if :

  • He is travelling at the invitation of The Government of Australia. Or at the offer of a state territory government authority. Top of all, the purpose of travelling should assist the COVID-19 response.
  • Travelers must be providing critical or specialist medical services. These services include air ambulance, deliver medical supplies and medical evacuations.
  • Travelers can move for provision of the supply of essential goods and services. These supplies include medical technology, telecommunication, emerging technology, critical infrastructure, engineering and mining, logistics, agriculture technology and maritime industry.
  • One can travel for delivery in Critical Skills and Sectors for Australian economy recovery. Sectors included financial technology, large scale manufacturing, film and television production and emerging technology.
  • Can travel to critical sectors where no Australian worker is available.
  • The traveler should enter in the national interest of Australia. Interest would be defined and supported by the Australian government or State or Territory Government authority. 

Any individual can submit for travel exemption under this category. One should have to apply for the travel exemption with sufficient evidence to support the request. Along with adequate evidence, documents should officially translate into English. Furthermore, the travel exemption must be given before two weeks and not more than three months before planned travel. 

For urgent business travel requests, one should include traveler details. Reasons for travel with supporting statements and accompanying evidence. Most needed a valid visa and exemption from the Commissioner before entry. 

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