Condition 8503

What is condition 8503 mean?

Condition 8503 If since last entering Australia you have held a visa that has no further stay condition applied on it that means you are not able to make an application on a substantive visa other than a protection visa.

Note: A substantive visa is any visa other than an enforcement visa or bridging visa. 

The condition 8503 can be applied in some circumstances. You should seek legal advice if you hold a visa that has condition 8534 or 8535 imposed on it, but those conditions are not discussed in this information sheet.

When can condition 8503 impose?   

Where the law allows it condition 8503 can be imposed. Condition 8503 must be imposed on some visas. For others, the department of immigration discrete whether or not to impose it, for some visas condition 8503 cannot impose.

How do I know my visa has condition 8503?

If the 8503 appears on your visa or on your grant visa letter the condition applies to you. The condition will continue to apply on it unless it’s waived or you leave Australia.

Can I request a waiver of Condition 8503?

Earlier than condition 8503 can be waived from your visa you need to show that since the time you were granted the visa that was subject to the condition, convincing and sympathetic conditions have urbanized:  in excess of which you had no manage;

  • So as to result in a most important revolutionize in your conditions.
  • If you have beforehand completed a demand for a waiver of condition 8503 which was abortive you must show that your conditions for a new demand are considerably dissimilar from those formerly measured.

What compelling and compassionate circumstances apply?

The compelling and compassionate circumstances giving rise to your recent for a waiver are beyond your control & need to have developed since to which condition must be granted to you. Following are the example that the Department of Immigration considers compelling and compassionate.

  • Unfitness travel
  • Death of a close friend or family member
  • Natural disasters in the home country
  • War in home country 

Circumstances that are not sufficient for wavier?

The circumstances are generally not sufficient for a waiver to apply.

  1. Being married or in a relationship with an Australian citizen, is because being in a relationship will generally not be considered by the department to be beyond your control.
  2. Pregnancy, generally will not considered by Department be beyond your control.
  3. Medical condition,
  4. Elective surgery

How do I request for waiver?   

Request for waiver must be in writing, you can complete 1447 details that provide the details of where you should send your request for a waiver, you should attach as much as information you can provide or evidence you can attach.

  • Letter from doc, or medical certificate
  • War or natural disaster in home country
  • Statuary deceleration completed from you or from family members
  • Hospitals bills
  • Police reports
  • Birth or Death certificates.

What happens if my waiver is denied?

If the request is declined for a waiver you must seek legal advice about the judicial review.  The managerial Appeals court cannot appraise this conclusion. It is probable to make an additional demand for a waiver if the conditions connecting to your new request are considerably dissimilar to the past request.

8503 Condition (no further stay )

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