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Canadian Immigration to sponsor your partner

For Canadian immigration, Canada is on way to process 18,000 spousal sponsorship applications by the end of 2020. These spousal sponsorship applications will be processed on a quick basis. 

IRCC make this announcement on Thursday

 to expedite 18,00 applications to bring loved ones together as quickly.

Family reunification

Canadian Government is taking family reunification as a top priority. So in recent years, targeting 70,000 new immigrants to obtain permanent residency. This permanent residence is granted under spousal, partner and children family class sponsorship category. It is announced by the IRCC that the backlog should be managed as the spousal sponsorship applications processing was delayed due to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic.  

Spousal Sponsorship Application Process

Canadian permanent residents can sponsor their spouse or common-law partner and immigrant can also obtain permanent residence. Sponsors must be approved by IRCC to obtain permanent residence for the sponsored person. 

Sponsored person and sponsor must have their relationship and have to prove it in front of IRCC. Even sex marriages are recognised in Canada but they have to meet all the eligibility criteria of IRCC. 

Eligibility Criteria 

To be eligible to sponsor, the candidate is at least 18 years old.

The candidate is Canadian citizen, permanent resident or a person registered under the Canadian Indian Act.

If a Canadian Citizen is living abroad, he must prove the plan to live in Canada. To live in Canada with the sponsored person till their permanent residency. 

If the permanent resident resides in Canada, they are eligible to sponsor their partner. 

Only disable permanent residents with social assistance are eligible to sponsor.

Prove the provision of basic needs and financial assistance to the sponsored person. 

Sponsorship Eligibility

The spouse should be legally married to the sponsor and 18 years old. 

A common-law partner should be legally married and 18 years old. And living with the sponsor at least for continuous 12 months. 

A conjugal partner is not legally married to sponsor. He/she will be 18 years old and in a relationship with the sponsor for at least one year. Living outside Canada and can not marry because of significant legal and immigration reasons. These immigration reasons may include marital status or same-sex relationships stuff. Sponsors must prove that they can not live together in the origin country of the sponsored one. 

How to apply?

IRCC asked to submit two applications at the same time to sponsor your partner. One is the sponsorship application and the second one is permanent residence application. 

In the first step get the application package IRCC. 

Then pay application fees. Which usually includes processing fees, permanent residence right fees and biometric fees. It should be needed to pay online. 

And finally, submit the application to IRCC through the mail. 

As the application gets the successful couple to require to fulfil certain rules and regulations. 

Financial responsibility of the sponsored person must be on the sponsor. 

Sponsored can never sponsor any other person for five years or until they get permanent residence. 

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