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IRCC states there is no prohibition on submitting multiple applications within Canadian immigration laws however there will be no refunds on the paid processing fees.

With Canada offering over 100 economic class immigration programs to choose from, there is a possibility for people to be eligible for more than one Canadian immigration program. So with such possibilities, it leaves people to question, is it possible to apply for multiple Canadian immigration programs at the same time?

It could be that you meet the standards for applying for Express Entry, but don’t want to bet on getting an (ITA) Invitation to Apply, and are more interested in applying for the (PNP) Provincial Nominee Program despite it being a longer process in comparison. So, can you apply for both?

In response to this question the (IRCC) Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada have stated that it is possible to apply for more than one Canadian immigration programs at once, however, there is a chance you have to withdraw one application before a decision can be made on the other— and there are also no refunds on any processing fees paid.

The IRCC had emailed the following statement to the CIC news:

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations do not prohibit multiple applications from being made in the economic stream. However, prior to concluding one of the applications, the immigration officer will advise the applicant that the other application(s) must be withdrawn.

Furthermore, while multiple applications may be submitted, the applicant must also be aware that there will be no refund of processing fees paid for the other application(s) once processing has begun.


You cannot have more than one Express Entry profile

Although there are no laws against applying for more than one Canadian immigration programs however Canadian law does prohibit the use of more than one profile at a time not allow you to have more than one profile at a time. The IRCC website has stated that if you have submitted more than one profile then you will not be permitted to apply for other programs.

However, you are allowed to include your spouse or common-law partner on your Express Entry application. All the applications submitted through the Express Entry program have a (PA) Principal Applicant, who can get a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. A spouse and dependent children can be added to the application through the PA.

In regards to couples wanting to apply for PA, only one partner can be chosen from among the couple for the application as long as both partners qualify for at least one Express Entry-managed program. This requirement is important because it is likely that one partner has a higher CRS score than the other.

Please note that having a profile in the Express Entry pool will not guarantee that you receive an ITA. if your CRS score meets the minimum standards in the given Express Entry draw then you might receive an ITA.

Is it possible to simultaneously apply for multiple Canadian immigration programs?

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