Canadian Immigration: Which province is easiest to immigrate to?

Canadian Immigration – How to choose the right PNP If we talk about Canadian immigration and say which province is easiest to immigrate to, It’s a total misconception that any province is easiest to immigrate to. One can only immigrate to any province if he/she meets the criteria of the Provincial Nomination Program. Specifically meet their labor market needs and then apply for Provincial Nomination. Some provinces need a job offer and it is very obvious to get a job offer to apply. 

How to choose a right PNP

Finding out the right PNP is not that easy and the right fit needs to search and information. It all depends on the situation, skills, and experience according to the needs of the local labor market of any province. Except for Quebec and Nunavut, all the provinces have their own PNP-specific streams. Immigration pathways deal with a particular category of immigrants. Like if they are skilled, unskilled, international students, or entrepreneurs. 

There are almost 80 different streams offered by provinces and territories included in PNP. Federal and Quebec streams are apart from it. 

PNP and CRS scores

Any Provincial Nomination, from the PNP stream which is related to Canada’s Express Entry System, will award additional points. 600 additional points in Comprehensive Ranking System CRS scores. These additional points will help to get the invitation from the Government of Canada for Permanent Residence. 

PNP and Express Entry will have to play an important role in Canada’s Immigration Level Plan now and in 2022. It will help to project to deal with half of the newcomers’ intake in Canada. 

Despite the pandemic outbreak and travel restrictions PNP’s are still holding invitation rounds continuously. Candidates can have more and more options to immigrate to Canada if they examine all possible pathway options. But choices vary for every individual because of the circumstances and background. 

Various options available for PNP candidates

  • Job Offer

 If a candidate doesn’t have a job offer and is seeking popular PNP options. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program with Human Capital Priorities Stream is one of the best options for them. This stream is actively sending invitations to Immigration Candidates despite COVID-19 restrictions. This stream has three Express Entry Linked categories although a job offer is not required. Along with this no need for an active Express Entry profile. No work experience is needed to be invited. 

One more option is for the candidates who don’t have a job offer. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is another best option for such candidates. International Skilled Worker Category has two active streams which work for the candidates without a job offer. 

The first one is Saskatchewan Express Entry Linked Stream which requires an active profile in the Federal Express Entry System. And the second one is the Saskatchewan Occupation in-demand stream which doesn’t need active profile requirements. 

Applicants who meet local labor market requirements are invited. But the work experience of one year is required according to the In-Demand Occupation List.

Now we will talk about the Nova Scotia Nominee Program which is the most innovative and use four streams to invite Express Entry Candidates. Nova Scotia Nominee Program searches Express Entry pool to select candidates. Then candidates are selected on the basis of work experience in a specific occupation according to In-demand occupation. Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities do not require any job offer letter. But only Physicians Stream needs a job offer letter to invite Physicians. 

  • French Speakers

Quebec is a French Speaking Province so French speakers are preferred. But there are many other PNPs who prefer bilingual or Francophone applicants. The OINP’s French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream linked to Express Entry, allows Ontario to search for a pool. The province can select French-Speaking Skilled Workers or with proficient English language. This stream has been active for the past six months issuing 700 notifications. 

  • Tech Worker

The most notable PNP pathways for Tech Workers are operated by Ontario and British Columbia. Ontario Express Entry Linked Human Capital Priority Stream conducts Tech Draws periodically. In these draws, invitations go to those candidates who have work experience in designated technology occupations. There are six designated occupations like Web Designers and Computer Engineers. For this selection, no job offer is required. 

British Columbia Tech Pilot held draws on a weekly basis to Apply for a Provincial Nomination. Tech draw pilot operated the BC Skills Immigration pathway and candidates must have a job offer in 29 designated technology occupations. 

  • Work Experience in the Province or Territory

Many of the PNPs have streams that prefer candidates with work experience in that province or territory. Who has worked in Manitoba or having an educational experience is privileged by The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program? The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program deals with the Skilled Worker in Manitoba and Skilled Worker Overseas Streams. 

Manitoba International Education Stream has three sub-streams for the candidates who have studied from Manitoba. 

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