Canadian Citizenship Tests

Canadian Citizenship Tests online resumed by Government

Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada is resuming Canadian Citizenship tests after eight months and this time it will be conducting online. In fact, IRCC is now launching a new platform for online testing. 

Canadian Citizenship Tests Online now

According to the IRCC announcement held on November 26, IRCC is resuming Canadian Citizenship tests after the wait since March 14, 2020. After the outbreak of the Pandemic, the Citizen tests and interviews were not available. Those candidates who suffered due to the cancellation of tests will be eligible for this new version of Online Citizenship Tests. 

Eligibility for Canadian Citizenship Tests

If we talk about the features of the Canadian Citizenship test it’s actually a 30-minute questionnaire. It is about the rights and responsibilities of Canadians and a series of 20 questions. Usually, questions are about Canadian geography, economy, history, law, and politics. 

This test is only for the Permanent residents aged 18 to 54, they appear in interviews as well. Almost everyone has to attend this Citizenship interview only those who are exempt from tests who are outside the age range. 

Security Measures

This is for the first time that IRCC is introducing Canadian Citizenship tests online, so additional security measures were added towards the identity of test-takers. Personal questions are asked to identify the candidates. Candidates have to provide ID documents and photos via a webcam. And during the test again pictures from the webcam to ensure the identity. 

What is Canadian Citizenship and Permanent Residence

To apply for Canadian Citizenship one must be a Permanent Resident before. During permanent residency, one must have to live in Canada for three years out of five and pay taxes.  Canadian citizenship needs no maintenance like in Canadian Permanent Residency. Citizens can apply for a Canadian passport, which is the main advantage. They can also vote in Municipal and Federal elections. And top of all it gives peace of mind and security.

What are the Canadian Citizenship online testing requirements ?

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