Canada Ukraine deal

Canada Ukraine deal to expand immigration despite COVID-19

Despite COVID-19, according to the new announcement Ukrainians will move to Canada easily. As two of the countries have made a new mobility working group to expand immigration. It will help Ukrainians who want to move to Canada as it will increase mobility opportunities. Although a new partnership took place IRCC that visa rules apply the same way. This partnership will be implemented after the lift of COVID-19 travel restrictions by the Government of Canada. 

This new partnership group will work on the things to best manage immigration. Top of all it will help to boost Canadian economic class immigration in Ukraine. The nationals of Ukraine who moved to Canada have contributed much to the Canadian economy. So the Government of Canada has decided to make strong ties between people to people in both countries through the community already living in Canada. 

Canada has established diplomatic relations with Ukraine as it got independence, and now it’s the 29th anniversary of the relationship. And now there are almost 1.3 million Ukrainians moved to Canada. 

Canada Ukraine Deal (Youth Mobility Agreement)

A mobility working group will develop a new youth mobility agreement that will help the youth to travel and work. It will improve the labor market but after the lift of travel restrictions. 

Expectations to increase post-pandemic immigration 

To deal with the economic recovery and continued growth new immigration plans will be set. There will be a significant increase in immigration in the coming years.

Canadian Immigration and expansion of immigration.

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