Canada Travel Restrictions Exemptions for International students

Canada will be able to welcome more international students back to schools. Learning institutions with approved COVID-19 readiness plan from the provincial and territorial government can call their students back. These Travel Restriction Exemptions will take effect on October 20. 

COVID-19 Readiness Plan by Designated Learning Institutes

International students will be able to travel to Canada, if their Designated Learning Institute is with approved COVID-19 readiness plan. The Provincial and Territorial Government must have responsibility for education and health care. They must be aware of COVID-19 readiness plans put by Designated Learning Institutes (DLI). In fact, DLIs have themselves to provide their plan details to the Provincial or Territorial Government. They have to inform the Government about the travel requirements and health plan about international students. DLIs must help students with their quarantine plans and guide them accordingly. They should assist students in acquiring food and medication during quarantine, which are necessities of life. Readiness plans must have measures if international students are suspected of COVID-19. 

Part of the Federal Government

The Government of Canada now works with provinces and territories to deal with international education. Keep an eye on every issue related to the process that allows international students to travel again to Canada. And safety measures and health requirements should be fulfilled. In fact, the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Government are working together to develop the International education process. International students have to make sure that they meet all the requirements and authorised before travelling to Canada. International students will be welcomed who have appropriate documents and Designated Learning Institute is with a readiness plan. 

Further Details

Immediate family members of the International students will be able to accompany them if the reason for travel is non-optional. Immediate family members may include a spouse or common-law partner, any dependent or a parent or legal guardian of a minor child. They will be supposed to go through all public health measures including quarantine. 

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