Canada reveals New Measures for International Student

The international student program of Canada is having new measures implemented by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to increase its integrity.

New online portal

A new online portal has been introduced by the immigration department for Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs), which are the schools that have been authorized by the Canadian Government to accept foreign students. These online portals will verify letters of acceptance (LOAs) which have been submitted by international applicants in support of their student visa applications.

This means DLIs will now be required to verify the LOAs that international students submit through the online portal, the access to which is only available to their representatives towards IRCC. Schools will be granted a maximum of 10 days to verify submitted LOAs. If the DLI fails to verify within the time period set or they classify the LOA as fake, the student visa application will be failed and returned to the applicants alongside the fees paid by the applicant for the processing costs. It is to be noted that after the 10-day time period, DLIs will no longer have access to the verification process of the applicant.

Canada has brought forward these changes to combat the abuses of its international student systems.

New Trusted Institutions Framework

IRCC has also brought forward a new framework for DLIs known as the “Trusted Institutions Framework”. A new two-tiered system will be introduced to issue study permits. Many benefits will also be granted to the institutions classified as trusted in this framework such as faster processing times. This framework is speculated to come into effect during autumn of 2024. IRCC has mentioned multiple times that protecting and strengthening the integrity of the international student program is a major concern for them. IRCC has also stated it’s considering setting a limit to the amount of student visas to aid DLIs in providing better support for their international students.

Other changes in 2024

This year Canada is giving special attention to its international student program with multiple changes to take place in 2024. Some of these changes include:

  • Raising the cost of living requirement for international students by 10,000.
  • Revisiting the 20-hour work cap previously set for international students.
  • Removing the measure of allowing international students to be able to consider their time spent abroad towards their Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP).
  • Bringing forth multiple new changes in the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWP).

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